Transfer Applicants

Trinity is a small, highly selective liberal arts college. We recognize that there should be a place for students who, after enrolling at another college or university, want to transfer to Trinity. Accordingly, Trinity admits a limited number of transfer students both for entrance in the fall and at mid-year.

The number of openings for transfers varies somewhat from year to year, and several factors can affect the degree of competition for admission. Generally speaking, we suggest that candidates present a post-secondary cumulative grade point average equivalent to a B or better. The application invites candidates to express their reasons for transfer and to elaborate on any pertinent concerns or circumstances.

For adult learners, 23 years of age and older, pursuing the completion of a bachelors degree, Trinity college offers the Individualized Degree Program (IDP). IDP offers full or part-time study, a flexible timeframe for degree completion, mentoring and advising, IDP-dedicated staff members, and a customized admissions and transfer credit process.  Applicants who prefer to apply to Trinity through this program for greater flexibility are asked to contact the IDP office to complete a specific application.

Frequently Asked Questions: 


All applicants must  submit the following: 

  • the Common Application for Transfer Admissions, including the following materials:

    • Academic Report. This form is an instructor evaluation that can be completed by either a college professor or high school instructor of an academic subject if the applicant has not had sufficient access to a college professor.

    • Registrar Report. This form, stating an applicant is in good academic standing, MUST be submitted from all collegiate institutions attended

    • Mid-Term Report. Please print for offline submission only 

  • a final high school transcript

  • official standardized test scores (at least one of the following options: two SAT II subject tests, or SAT I, or ACT, or TOEFL)

  • all final college transcripts when available

  • the application fee of $60 

All materials submitted offline should be mailed to: 

Trinity College
Admissions Office
300 Summit Street
Hartford, CT, 06106-3100


Personal interviews are not required but are recommended.


  • Students who wish to begin their studies in January are required to complete the application process by November 1.
  • January admission candidates whose applications are properly completed by the November 1 deadline should receive a decision by early January.

  • Students who wish to start their studies in September must complete the application process by April 1.
  • September admission candidates who have properly completed their applications by the April 1 deadline will receive a decision no later than mid-June.

 No applicant shall be considered who is not in good standing at his or her college.


  • A candidate for the bachelor's degree admitted by transfer to the regular program must receive at least 18 course credits through courses taught or supervised by Trinity faculty members.
  • The number of course credits awarded to a transfer student for work completed at another institution prior to enrollment in Trinity College shall not exceed that which the student could reasonably have earned during a comparable period of residency at Trinity; i.e., an average of nine course credits per year.
  • Trinity College typically awards one credit per course, per semester.
  • As a general rule, transfer credit will be given for courses comparable to those offered in the Trinity curriculum in which the applicant has received grades of C- or better.
  • Trinity curriculum, as well as departmental contacts, can be viewed online.
  • Candidates for admission by transfer should be prepared to provide documentation that explains the content of college courses already completed and presently being studied.
  • Those admitted by transfer will be notified of the credit to be transferred to the general requirements at Trinity and which, if any, of the five parts of the distribution requirement (one course in each of five categories: the arts, humanities, natural sciences, numerical and symbolic reasoning, and social sciences) have been satisfied by such credit.
  • In all cases, the director of educational services reserves the right to award or withhold credit.
  • After entering Trinity, transfer students may petition the appropriate faculty regarding the use of transfer courses to satisfy major requirements and/or to replace up to three courses in an interdisciplinary minor.
  • Grades in courses taken before matriculation at Trinity are neither entered into the student's Trinity record nor included in the student's grade point average.

 For more detailed information, please see the "Transfer Credit" section of the Student Handbook.

Financial Aid

Trinity meets the calculated financial need of all of accepted transfer students who have applied for financial aid. (We do not offer merit aid or scholarship awards to transfer students.) Candidates must submit tax returns, the CSS Profile, and the FAFSA application. Learn more at the Office of Financial Aid.

International Financial Aid

Trinity provides financial assistance for a limited number of international candidates. Financial aid awards are given on the basis of financial need. We do not offer merit aid or scholarship awards to international transfer students. International students applying for financial assistance must follow the instructions on our transfer student financial aid page.

Previous First-Year Applicants

Candidates who have previously applied to Trinity College as a first-year student and are currently matriculated at a college or university must complete the Common Application for Transfer Admissions. See supporting materials list above.

Previous First-Year applicants who are not currently enrolled in a college or university should submit a written statement describing their most recent educational pursuits, activities, and/or employment to accompany the completed Common Application for Transfer Admissions. See supporting materials list above.

Candidates must e-mail to request re-activation of previously submitted required materials, such as standardized test scores and final high school transcripts.

If you have additional questions, please contact the Admissions Office at (860) 297-2180 or by e-mail at

Previous Transfer Applicants

Candidates who have applied as transfer students to Trinity College within the last two semesters must e-mail or send a letter stating their intention to reapply to:

Trinity College Admissions Office

300 Summit Street

Hartford, CT 06106-3100

Candidates must indicate for which semester they applied previously and for which semester they intend to reapply.  The written statement should also describe recent educational pursuits, activities, and/or employment.

If you have attended a college or university since your last application, please submit an updated transcript and a Registrar Report online through the Common Application along with your application fee of $60.


Who is considered a Transfer Applicant?

  • Applicants who have matriculated at another collegiate institution, regardless of completed work are considered transfer candidates.

  • Applicants who have registered for college classes on a non-matriculant, non-degree-seeking basis only, may register as first-year candidates. This includes students who have taken college courses for high school credit.

Can First-Year, first semester students apply?

Yes, students may apply as transfer students as early as their first semester in college, however, we recommend that they complete a full year so we can review their college work.  


Are transfer students given on-campus housing?

Housing availability varies year-to-year and is not guaranteed. Generally, most enrolled transfer students are offered housing.