Applicant Self-Service Login Help

This help document assumes that you have already received an email message from Trinity College notifying you that we have created an applicant self-service account for you. In that email message you will find your Trinity ID which you will use, along with your birthdate (mm/dd/yyyy) in your first login to obtain a new password (you must include the slashes). Please make sure to close any other browsers that may be open before accessing the Trinity Application Management System.  After successfully logging in to your account for the first time, you will be required to change your password.  After the successful change you will be directed to the Applicant Self-Service Page where you will find the link to view your application status.

If you have forgotten your password, you can use the Forgot My Password functionality at any time to obtain a new password.

Close all other browser windows when attempting to log in.

Using the Applicant Self-Service Pages

After changing your password you will be taken to the first self-service page.  Click the Self Service link next to the small white triangle, then click Admissions, and then Application Status.

The Application Status page shows whether or not all required materials have been received (Completed), and which items are missing (Initiated). Note that it takes some time for the Admissions staff to update our database when the volume of arriving materials is very heavy. If you sent something in recently but it does not show as completed, please check back periodically to monitor the status.

Forgot My Password

Access the system using the URL in the e-mail that was originally sent to you and select the Forgot My Password link.  Please make sure to close any other browsers that may be open before accessing the Forgot My Password link.  You will be prompted to enter your Trinity ID and answer a hint question (birthdate mm/dd/yyyy ).  You must include the slashes when entering your birthdate.  You will be sent a new password via email.  Access the URL in the new e-mail and login with the temporary password.

If you are unsuccessful, repeat the previous steps, making sure that you have entered your TrinityID and birthdate correctly. The birthdate must be in the form MM/DD/YYYY. If you are still unable to generate a new password, please email