Homeschooled Applicants

We welcome applications from students who have been homeschooled. The testing requirements and application methods remain the same for the most part, although other requirements such as the counselor and teacher recommendations may be adapted to accommodate an applicant's specific situation. 

In addition to completing the application we ask that applicants submit:

  1. Documentation to confirm and specify curriculum, including the following:
    • an explanation of the curriculum followed, including a list of completed reading. This may be submitted by a parent or the person who oversees the curriculum;
    • transcript of any college courses taken.
  2. Official score reports of standardized tests and AP tests directly from the testing agencies. Applicants must submit ONE of the following to fulfill the standardized testing requirement:
    • any 2 SAT II subject tests;
    • the SAT Reasoning Test;
    • the ACT (writing is recommended).
  3. Letters of recommendation from any of the following (if possible):
    • teachers of academic curriculum;
    • adults who have supervised applicants in an internship or volunteer position;
    • teachers or directors of any non-academic endeavors such as art, dance, music, or theater.
    • Supplemental recommendations can be written by adults who have worked with an applicant as part of an athletic team, a faith-based community, or employment.
  4. A resume of all extra-curricular and co-curricular activities (such as field trips or attending a lecture series) in which an applicant has participated.
  5. Interviews are recommended, but not required.

Please contact our office at (860) 297-2180 if you would like to discuss your application or email us at with your specific questions.