Transfer Admissions

Trinity is a small, highly selective liberal arts college. We recognize that there should be a place for students who, after enrolling at another college or university, want to transfer to Trinity. Accordingly, Trinity admits a limited number of transfer students both for entrance in the fall and at mid-year.

The number of openings for transfers varies somewhat from year to year, and several factors can affect the degree of competition for admission. Generally speaking, we suggest that candidates present a post-secondary cumulative grade point average equivalent to a B or better. The application invites candidates to express their reasons for transfer and to elaborate on any pertinent concerns or circumstances. 

How Do I Apply?

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To request more information about Trinity and our transfer admissions process, please go here.

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We hope to help make the admissions process straightforward and efficient for you.  If you have additional questions, please contact the Admissions Office at (860) 297-2180 or   ​​​​