Transfer Credit

We recognize that one of the most important concerns of a transfer applicant is how many credits will transfer into one's program of study at Trinity.  During our review of a transfer application for admission, we will also conduct a transfer credit evaluation to determine a candidate‚Äôs standing and total number of transferable credits heading into Trinity. Please review the guidelines below for how our Registrar will review credits for transfer.


  • A candidate for the bachelor's degree admitted by transfer to the regular program must receive at least 18 course credits through courses taught or supervised by Trinity faculty members.
  • The number of course credits awarded to a transfer student for work completed at another institution prior to enrollment in Trinity College shall not exceed that which the student could reasonably have earned during a comparable period of residency at Trinity; i.e., an average of nine course credits per year.
  • Trinity College typically awards one credit per course, per semester.
  • As a general rule, transfer credit will be given for courses comparable to those offered in the Trinity curriculum in which the applicant has received grades of C- or better.
  • Trinity curriculum, as well as departmental contacts, can be viewed online.
  • Candidates for admission by transfer should be prepared to provide documentation that explains the content of college courses already completed and presently being studied.
  • Those admitted by transfer will be notified of the credit to be transferred to the general requirements at Trinity and which, if any, of the five parts of the distribution requirement (one course in each of five categories: the arts, humanities, natural sciences, numerical and symbolic reasoning, and social sciences) have been satisfied by such credit.
  • In all cases, the director of educational services reserves the right to award or withhold credit.
  • After entering Trinity, transfer students may petition the appropriate faculty regarding the use of transfer courses to satisfy major requirements and/or to replace up to three courses in an interdisciplinary minor.
  • Grades in courses taken before matriculation at Trinity are neither entered into the student's Trinity record nor included in the student's grade point average.

 For more detailed information, please see the "Transfer Credit" section on page 66 of the Student Handbook.