Scheduling Guidelines and Tips

Course Scheduling Guidelines for Department Chairs and Program Directors

a)    Schedule holistically: Construct your schedule from the perspective of the entire department or program, not simply as an aggregation of individual instructors’ preferences.

b)    Spread classes throughout the day and week: Consider using as many time blocks in the schedule (between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.) as possible.

c)    Obtain prior approval for exceptions to standard blocks: In order to maximize room availability for all courses, classes scheduled outside of the standard approved options listed above, including classes with four meeting times per week, must be approved by the Registrar’s office for each semester.

d)    Avoid overburdening popular blocks: The most congested times for classes are MW 1:15-2:30, TR 10:50 to 12:05 and TR 1:30-2:45. Please avoid scheduling multiple classes during these blocks, unless absolutely necessary.

e)    The MW/WF/MF 10-11:15 and 11:30-12:45 blocks are open only to courses that require a seminar setup for 20 or fewer students.  However, these blocks  should be avoided for first-year seminars to avoid scheduling conflicts.

f)    The standard 3-hour seminar blocks are on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoons and Monday through Thursday evenings. Three-hour blocks on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons are open only to labs or other courses that do not require use of a standard classroom.

Helpful Scheduling Tips

  • Utilizing early morning blocks: First year students are accustomed to early morning classes, so consider scheduling First Year Seminars and introductory classes early in the day. In particular, TR 8-9:15 is an underutilized block which does not conflict with the many popular science and math morning lectures.
  • Scheduling three hour seminars: Monday and Wednesday afternoons are far more congested than Friday afternoons. Please consider using Friday afternoon or Monday-Thursday evening blocks.
  • Scheduling twice per week seminar blocks: Because TR afternoons are very congested, please consider using the evening blocks MW 6:30-7:45pm, MW 8-9:15, TR 6:15-7:45, TR 8-9:15.