Classroom Information

Requesting a Classroom Before the Term Begins

All room requests are processed through the Calendar Office.  After pre-registration closes, and prior to the beginning of each term, a survey is sent to all  faculty members so that they can communicate any unique classroom requirements (e.g. VCR, MAC or PC projection, seminar tables) for the upcoming term.  These needs, along with the enrollment limit of the course, are taken into consideration when the final assignments are made.  During high demand times of the day, there may not be a lot of flexibility available in room selection,  so it is critical that courses not be over-enrolled until after room assignments have been made and the faculty member knows a seat is available for the student.

Requesting a Classroom After the Term Begins

After the term begins, all requests for use of classroom space are made through Kate McGlew, Associate Director of College Events and Learning Space Scheduling,  Teaching Assistants should address their requests for rooms as early as possible.

Faculty and staff may browse for space and request rooms using the Event Management System

Please contact the Calendar office with questions regarding the classroom request procedure.