Information for New Transfer Students

The Registrar's Office would like to join others in the Trinity community in welcoming you to the College.  We commend you on your selection of Trinity College and hope that your academic career with us proves both rewarding and successful.  Below is the information you will need to enroll in your first term at Trinity.

At the bottom of this page are several different items described below.  The Course Selection form must be returned no later than two weeks prior to the upcoming semester, but please note that earlier submissin is preferred.

    • Course Selection Form.  The form is comprised of two parts.  The first part, Adviser Information, asks you for information about your academic interests.  The answers you provide to these questions may be used by the Registrar's Office to create your class schedule.  The second part, Course Selection, should be filled out thoughtfully and completely after reading the Course Selection Instructions and referring to the Schedule of Classes and Bulletin.  If you have questions about your course selection, please call Alexis Yusov at (860) 297-2119.
    • Please mail, e-mail, or fax your course selection form:
      • Mailing Address:             
        Alexis Yusov, Interim Registrar
        Trinity College
        300 Summit Street
        Hartford, CT 06106

        E-Mail Address:
        Fax Number: 860-297-5179   

        Please note that we will try to enroll you in as many of the courses listed here as possible before your arrival at Trinity, but you may not have a complete schedule when you arrive.  If your schedule is not complete, or if you wish to make changes to your schedule, you may do so during the first week of classes.

  • Course Selection Instructions. Please read the instructions very carefully.  If you are interested in a health profession, you should contact a member of the Health Professions Advisory Board before making your course selections.

    Please note that a total of 36.00 course credits are required for the Bachelor’s degree at Trinity College.  A minimum of 18.00 course credits must be earned in residence (taught or supervised by Trinity faculty members).  You may take four or five courses, plus physical education each semester.   Physical education is not required; courses in that department are a half semester in length and are worth 0.25 course credits.  A maximum of 1.00 course credit in physical education is allowed toward the 36.00 credits required for the degree.  As a new student, you will also want to familiarize yourself of the limited number of applied music courses. theater and dance courses, internships, and teaching assistantships which you may count toward your Trinity degree.  The current Bulletin explains those issues, and many others as well.

    Finally, please make sure that the courses you select do not duplicate courses which you wish to have transferred to Trinity.  No credit is awarded for duplicated courses.

  • You will select your courses from the online Schedule of Classes.
    Please refer to the Trinity College Bulletin for information on general degree requirements, majors and their requirements, and course descriptions.  We also have a site that lists entry courses for majors you may find helpful.
  • Directory Release MemoIf you DO NOT want your directory information released without your consent, please sign the memo and return it to the Registrar's Office.