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Graduate Studies at Trinity College

Interested in personal enrichment? Career enhancement? A challenging learning environment? Then Graduate Studies at Trinity College might be just the ticket!

Trinity College graduate programs are designed for professionals and adults with busy schedules, offering courses during the evening on a part-time basis. Building on Trinity’s outstanding reputation in the liberal arts and sciences, students can earn master’s degrees in three areas: 

American Studies  (Cultural Studies; Museums and Communities; New England and the Nation: Historical Perspectives)
Revised program description on American Studies page

English  (Literary Studies; Writing, Rhetoric and Media Arts)

Public Policy  (Public Policy Studies; Health Care Policy)
Revised program description on Public Policy page

Trinity College has offered quality graduate studies to men and women since 1927. To that end, all programs feature

  • Outstanding faculty who are widely recognized for high quality instruction and scholarship
  • Small classes
  • Convenient scheduling, evening classes
  • Exceptional computing and research facilities
  • Opportunities for independent research and involvement with local agencies, schools, businesses and organizations
  • Individual attention and counseling
  • A community of adult learners who are serious about their educational aspirations
  • Affordable cost

Easy application (no GREs required!). Apply now for matriculated status or take up to two courses on a non-matriculated, trial basis.


For Additional Information, Please Contact:
William R. Barnett, Ph.D.
Dean of Graduate Studies
Trinity College
300 Summit St.
Hartford, CT 06106-3100
(860) 297-2527

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Impending Deadlines, Notices
Graduate Student Registration for Summer and Fall 2014 Begins on April 21
Tuition per credit, beginning Summer Session 1, for 2014-15 is $2,335. All other fees remain unchanged.
Applications for Fall 2014
Matriculation Due
May 1, 2014
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New Enrollment Deadlines
for Tuition Payment Plan
for 2014-15:
First Deadline is June 3
Enrollment Begins May 2
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