Tuition and Fees

Payment of Tuition and Fees

Graduate Tuition and Fees for 2015-16:
  • Tuition per course credit - $2,615 for  nonmatriculated and new students, beginning Summer 2016
  • Tuition per course credit  - $2,415 for continuing, matriculated students who registered for at least one course during 2015-16
  • Tuition for auditing per course - $400
  • Registration fee - $50 (non-refundable, payable each term)
  • Lifetime transcript fee - $50 (non-refundable, payable by new student at first registration only)
  • Thesis extension fee - $120 (payable each semester beyond the specified two terms when students are required to enroll in ADMN 955, Thesis-in-Progress)
  • Late registration fee - $100
  • Parking permit (full year) - $110
  • Returned check fee - $40
  • Application for matriculation - $75
 Payment Options:
  • Matriculated students may be billed if registration is received by May 1 for Summer Session I or by June 1 for Summer Session II
  • Full payment for Summer Session courses by non-matriculated students or by matriculated students after the above dates must be made prior to or at the time of enrollment
  • Full payment for Fall or Spring courses must be made prior to or at the time of enrollment 
  • Registration cannot be processed until payment is made
  • Registration may be cancelled for nonpayment
  • Checks should be made payable to "The Trustees of Trinity College" and submitted to the Registrar’s Office (300 Summit St., Hartford, CT 06106)
  • Current students may pay bills online only through TrinBillPay
  • Other payment options  are available. 


Flat rate tuition for three years for matriculated graduate students (description of plan here)

Payment Plan Option and Instructions

If you are a matriculated graduate student, you may now enroll in an automatic payment plan to pay your bill over time. A principal advantage is that you can now register early without having to pay your total bill at the time of registration. This allows you to reserve your space in a course while being able to pay your bill over a few months. 

Although there is a $25 per semester, nonrefundable fee, no interest is charged. Payment methods include automatic bank payment (ACH - no fee) or credit/debit card (Discover, MasterCard, American Express for which a 2.75%convenience fee in addition to the enrollment fee will be assessed). If a payment is returned, a $30 fee will be assessed. No payment plan is available for summer sessions.

Steps to Enroll in and Use the Payment Plan
  • Log in to TCOnline
  • Click on Self Service
  • Click on Student Center
  • Click on Link to TrinBillPay
  • Click on Make Payment
  • Click on Payment Plan
Important Deadlines for Fall 2016 and Spring 2017:

Fall 2016
Fall 2016 payment plan enrollment opens on May 2, 2016
​Last Day to
Enroll Online
​Required Down
​Number of
​Months of
June 3, 2016 ​None ​5 ​June 2015 - October 2015
June 23, 2016 ​20% (1 of 5 payments)
​4 July 2015 - October 2015
July 27, 2016 ​40% (2 of 5 payments) ​3 ​August 2015 - October 2015
Spring 2016
Spring 2017 payment plan enrollment opens on November 1, 2016
Last Day to
Enroll Online
​Required Down
​Number of
​Months of
​Nov 3, 2016
None 5
Nov 2015 - Mar 2016
​Nov 23, 2016 20% (1 of 5 payments) 4 Dec 2015 - Mar 2016
Dec 14, 2016 40% (2 of 5 payments) 3 Jan 2016 - Mar 2016
Note: All down payments are processed immediately.

Do not assume that your balance will be automatically adjusted if financial aid is received or a class is dropped or added. You should review your agreement balance online through My FACTS Account or contact the Trinity College Student Accounts Office at (860) 297-2027 to confirm any change.

Additional questions regarding how the payment plan works are answered on the "Frequently Asked Questions" or "How e-Cashier Works" links on the toolbar of e-Cashier. Customer service representatives are also available at (800) 609-8056.

Financial Aid

Under certain circumstances, graduate students may be eligible for financial aid in the form of student loans. Graduate students are not eligible for grants-in-aid from Trinity College. For the most accurate and up-to-date information, visit the Financial Aid Office web page or contact Ms. Carolyn LeGeyt at (860) 297-2045.

Information for Veterans

Students admitted to Trinity who expect to receive Veterans' benefits should communicate with their local Veterans Administration Office and request an application for educational benefits.

The benefits application process should be initiated at least six weeks prior to the beginning of classes. All veterans, whether new or continuing students, should indicate on their registration form that they are eligible to receive educational benefits. For additional information, please contact Linda Gilbert, Associate Registrar, at 860-297-2119 or at


Persons desiring to take a specific course without receiving academic credit may, with permission of the instructor and the Office of Graduate Studies, register as auditors.
  • Permission of the instructor must be submitted in writing or via email
  • Auditors will receive neither academic credit nor a grade for the course
  • Auditors need not always fulfill the prerequisites for a course
  • Auditors are not required to take course examinations
  • Auditors are expected to meet the instructor’s attendance requirements
  • Auditors must pay the auditing fee (currently $400), the registration fee (currently $50), and the one-time transcript fee (currently $50)
  • Trinity College alumni/ae who wish to audit a course should apply through the Alumni Office by contacting Julie H. Cloutier at (860) 297-2403.


Refunds will be granted for students who withdraw from a course according to the following scheme:
  • Withdrawal before the first class meeting = full tuition refund
  • Withdrawal after the first class meeting but before the third class meeting = tuition refund minus $300 withdrawal fee ($100 for auditors)
  • Withdrawal after the third class meeting = no refund
  • An abbreviated withdrawal schedule applies to the Summer Term


For additional Information, please contact:
Anique Thompson
Administrative Assistant
Graduate Studies
Trinity College
300 Summit St.
Hartford, CT 06106-3100

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