Registration Process

Registration for courses requires the following:
The above documents may be submitted in person to the Office of Graduate Studies, Trinity Commons 113, or mailed to:
Office of Graduate Studies
Trinity College
300 Summit St.
Hartford, CT 06106-3100
Registration cannot be processed until the above items have been submitted.
Information about courses offered each term can be found at the official Graduate Studies Course Schedule.
All classes are limited in size; early enrollment is therefore encouraged. Information about enrollment caps and actual enrollment can be found on TC Portal. Courses that do not meet minimum enrollment requirements may be canceled by the instructor or the Dean of Graduate Studies.

Online Registration for Continuing Matriculated Students

If you are a continuing, matriculated student, it is now possible to register online at times specified by the Registrar's Office.  If you choose to register online, here are some things to bear in mind:

  • Consult your adviser or program director if you have any question about which courses to take.
  • Review instructions for registering online on the Registrar's webpage for Student Information and Services. Questions or issues regarding access or errors should be addressed to Terry Hosig, Associate Registrar, via email or at (860) 297-2117.
  • Online registration will automatically generate a bill for tuition and fees. Please examine your bill carefully since you are financially responsible for its terms. If you have any question or if a correction is needed, contact the Student Accounts Office at (860) 297-2027.
  • Online payment is possible only through the TrinBillPay system. If payment is mailed or delivered in person, checks should be made payable to "The Trustees of Trinity College."
  • If you need to register for a thesis, independent study, or research course (i.e., any course requiring a separate form), you cannot register online. In such circumstances, you should submit the proper form along with a Graduate Registration Form to the Graduate Studies Office.
  • If you are not a matriculated graduate student, you cannot register online.

Registering for Master’s Theses

Students who are ready to write a master’s thesis should follow these steps:
  • Obtain a copy of Master's Thesis Instructions from the Office of Graduate Studies or by downloading a PDF copy by clicking on the above title; this document contains complete information, including forms, for writing and submitting a master's thesis (correct final due dates are noted below)
  • Register and pay for 954 Thesis Part I (1 credit)
    • English students only should register for ENGL  952 Colloquium (0 credit) at the time they register for Thesis Part I at no extra charge (note: registering for Colloquium does not replace registering for Thesis I)
    • Registration for Thesis cannot be done online (see above)
  • In a subsequent term, register for 955 Thesis Part II (1 credit) and pay for 1 credit
  • During any interim semester that follows the initial thesis registration and precedes the final registration, students who need more time must enroll in ADMN 955 Thesis-in-Progress and pay the registration fee (currently $50) until the thesis is completed
    • Commencing with the third semester following the initial thesis registration and before registering for Part II, a thesis extension fee (currently $100) will be assessed
  • Submit final version of thesis to the thesis adviser no later than April 15, 2015
  • Submit approved, bound thesis and “Evaluation of the Master’s Thesis” form to the Office of Graduate Studies no later than May 14, 2016.
  • Submit “Degree Application” form for May graduation to the Registrar no later than November 1 before the May in which you intend to graduate (students who think they might be eligible to graduate should submit this application, since it is easier to remove students from the graduation list, if necessary, than to add them at the last minute)


If you want to take a specific course without receiving academic credit, you may, with permission of the instructor and the Office of Graduate Studies, register as an auditor.
  • Permission of the instructor in writing or via email must be submitted
  • You will receive neither academic credit nor a grade for the course
  • You need not always fulfill the prerequisites for a course
  • You are not required to take course examinations
  • You are expected to meet the instructor’s attendance requirements
  • You must pay the auditing fee (currently $400), the registration fee (currently $50), and the one-time transcript fee (currently $50)
  • Trinity College alumni/ae who wish to audit a course should apply through the Alumni Office by contacting Julie H. Cloutier at (860) 297-2403.


Undergraduate Registration for Graduate Courses

During the fall and spring semesters, Trinity College undergraduates who are entering their junior or senior year and who have maintained an outstanding academic record may be permitted to enroll in graduate-level courses (except 900-level courses) for undergraduate credit. Undergraduates admitted to graduate courses are expected to complete the same requirements that apply to graduate students. Eligible undergraduates must have prior written approval of both their undergraduate adviser and the instructor of the graduate course. Undergraduate tuition applies.

Summer Term Registration

Please consult the separate page for information about registration and special regulations for Summer Term.
For additional Information, please contact:
Anique Thompson
Administrative Assistant
Graduate Studies
Trinity College
300 Summit St.
Hartford, CT 06106-3100

Campus Map (PDF)


​Important Deadlines
Online Registration for Continuing, Matriculated Students
Opens on November 21, 2016
Please note revised tuition charge of $2,615 per graduate credit, effective for Summer Session 1 and remainder of 2016-17
Students registering for thesis or independent study courses must submit required forms
Online registration is unavailable for such courses
For Additional Information, Contact Graduate Studies Office at (860) 297-2151