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Master of Arts in Public Policy

The master’s program in Public Policy at Trinity College prepares students broadly for analyzing  policy issues, with the option of pursuing a focus in health care.  Core courses provide a foundation in empirical and normative analysis, while electives and a capstone project focus on applied specialization. 

Where to Start?  Entry into the degree varies depending on when you start:​

​Fall Spring​ ​​​​Summer

​​PBPL 800.  Public Policy: Principles and Practice

​PBPL 828. Institutions and Public Policy

​PBPL 836.  The Federal Courts and Public Policy 

  • Full-time students can complete the degree in two years, by enrolling in two courses over five terms (including one summer).
  • Part-time students who take one course per term can complete the degree in three to four years.
Curriculum:  The M.A. in Public Policy consists of 10 course credits.  Students can opt for a policy focus in health care, completing two courses and a capstone project in the focus area.

​​5 Core Courses

​3 Courses in Analysis and Management

  • PBPL 800.  Public Policy: Principles and Practice (fall)

  • PBPL 806.  Research Methods (spring)

  • PBPL 846.  Policy Analysis (fall)

  • PBPL 840.  Budget Management in Public Policy (spring)

​2 Courses in Institutions, Law, Ethics 

  • PBPL 828.  Institutions and Public Policy (spring)

  • PBPL 808.  Constitutional Foundations of Public Policy (spring) or PBPL 830. The Federal Courts and Public Policy (summer)

  • PBPL 806.  Moral Theory and Public Policy (fall)

3-4  Electives.   Sample of recent electives:

  • PBPL 849.  Health Care Regulation and Policy (fall)

  • PBPL 830.  The Federal Courts and Public Policy (summer)

  • PBPL 820.  Policy and Health Equity (spring)

  • PBPL 817.  Education Policy (summer)

  • PBPL 802.  Law and Environmental Policy (spring)

  • PBPL 840.  Budget Management in Public Policy (spring)


  • One-semester final capstone project

​* The Program's director will advise you about elective courses.  Students who matriculated before 2017 should consult the Program's director for course equivalencies and prior curricular requirements.


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