Does Trinity College require GRE exams or other standardized tests for admission?


Is a minimum grade point average (GPA) required for admission?

Normally, an undergraduate GPA of 3.0 is required for admission. In exceptional circumstances, that requirement can be modified by outstanding professional experience.

What does it cost to take graduate courses at Trinity College?

Current (2016-17) tuition per course is $2,615 for new and nonmatriculated students.
Continuing, matriculated students  who took at  least  one course in 2015-16 are eligible for 3-year flat rate tuition program.
There is also a registration fee of $50, payable per term.
For more information about other fees, go to Graduate Studies: Tuition and Fees.

Are graduate students eligible for financial aid?

Students who enroll in 2 courses per term may become eligible for federally backed student loans. Employers sometimes contribute toward an employee’s educational expenses.
Veterans may be eligible for additional benefits.
For more information, contact the Office of Financial Aid.

What is the difference between matriculation and non-matriculation?

“Matriculation” means that you have been admitted into a program of study as a degree candidate.
Most students are part-time, and classes are scheduled to accommodate them. Occasionally, a student may register as full-time, but that is rare.

How large are the classes?

Most classes are small, ranging from 5 to 15 students, and are usually taught as seminars.

Can I transfer graduate credits from other institutions?

Yes, you may transfer up to 2 credits (courses) from other accredited graduate programs. All transferred credits must be deemed by Trinity College to be equivalent in quality and program relevance to courses offered at Trinity. You should obtain approval in advance for transferring credit, either at the time of application or after matriculation.

Where can I park?

During the evening, students may park in any lot designated for college-registered vehicles (there are a few exceptions to this policy). Before 5:00 p.m., students must park in lots that permit student parking. For additional parking information and regulations (including fees), please consult the Campus Safety web page.

Where can I eat on campus?

There are several places on campus that serve food and beverages. The main dining facility and the Cave are located in Mather Hall. Peter B’s is located in the library.
For complete information about dining on campus, visit the Dining on Campus web page.

What computing and research facilities are available to graduate students?

Trinity College offers outstanding computing and research facilities. Both Information Technology Services and library research facilities are located in the Raether Library and Information Technology Center.

Do graduate students have access to email?

Yes. All Trinity College students have an email account automatically generated for them when they first register for courses. Since email is regarded as a channel for official communication, students should regularly monitor their College email account. For more information on email and campus networks, consult Information Technology Services.

Does Trinity College provide career advisement services to graduate students?

Graduate students have access to assistance provided by the Career Development Center. Placement services, per se, are not available, but assistance with employment searches, career advisement, and networking is provided.
For additional Information, please contact:
Anique Thompson
Administrative Assistant
Graduate Studies
Trinity College
300 Summit St.
Hartford, CT 06106-3100

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