Committee Members



    ·        Kent Dunlap, Biology, Chair
    ·        Mitchell Polin, Theater and Dance
    ·         Seth Sanders, Religion
    ·         Kari Theurer, Philosophy
    ·      Christopher van Ginhoven Rey, Language and Culture Studies
    ·      Reo Matsuzaki, Political Science
In addition to these elected members, the committee is joined by the Associate Academic Dean of the Faculty, who serves as the Dean of the Faculty's designated representative. (Funds for Faculty Research Committee awards come from the Dean's budget.) The Director of Faculty Grants acts as Secretary to the Committee.

Past Members of the Faculty Research Committee (2004 -2014)

  • Lida Maxwell, Political Science
  • Barbara Benedict, English
  • J. Harry Blaise, Engineering
  • Joseph Byrne, Fine Arts
  • Jean Cadogan, Fine Arts
  • William Church, Chemistry
  • Timothy Curran, Chemistry
  • Lesley Farlow, Theater & Dance
  • Robert Fleming, Biology
  • John Georges, Mathematics
  • Chris Hager, English
  • Thomas Harrington, Modern Languages & Literatures
  •  Jean-Marc Kehrés, Language and Culture Studies
  • Paul Lauter, English
  • Susan Masino, Psychology
  • Gerald Moshell, Music
  • Ralph Moyer, Jr., Chemistry
  • Joseph Palladino, Engineering
  • Maria Parr, Chemistry 
  • Richard Prigodich, Chemistry
  • Todd Ryan, Philosophy
  • Michael Sacks, Sociology
  • Scott Tang,  American Studies
  • James Trostle, Antropology
  • Erik Vogt, Philosophy
  • James Wen, Economics
  • Gail Woldu, Music
  • Nancy Wyshinski, Mathematics
  • Peter Yoon, Computer Science