Institutional Review Board

The Institutional Review Board (IRB) reviews campus research projects that involve the collection of information from human participants. Research projects involving the collection of information from human subjects -- whether conducted by Trinity faculty, students, or people not affiliated with Trinity but conducting the research within the college -- must in general be reviewed by the Institutional Review Board.

Exceptions are classroom projects, problems courses, and independent studies that are exclusively for instructional or mentorship purposes and that do not entail greater than minimal risk to human subjects; these need not undergo review by the IRB.

All student research involving human subjects intended for publication or wide dissemination on a web page or a presentation outside of the classroom (e.g., at a conference or poster session) must be submitted for review by the IRB. Student research involving human subjects must be supervised by a Trinity College faculty advisor who will assume the responsibility for ensuring that all research procedures comply with federal and state laws and regulations and college policies designed to protect human participants.