Section 2: Submitting Protocol Applications

Applicants to the Trinity College IRB must be investigators with faculty appointments, currently enrolled students, or currently employed staff or administrators who plan on conducting human subjects research under the auspices of an academic department or program or administrative division. Tenured, tenure-track and salaried faculty with letters of academic title and academic division heads may sponsor other investigators and serve as the responsible advisor such as in the case of student research, staff research, or research conducted by part-time faculty, or visiting scholars from other institutions. All outside investigators must have an eligible Trinity sponsor. In all cases, the responsible faculty member or the division head must assure compliance with human subjects research protections and IRB requirements.

All persons submitting proposals—whether or not they are affiliated with Trinity—must fully comply with Trinity’s IRB policies and procedures.

Applications submitted to the Trinity College IRB must adhere to both the provisions of 45 CFR 46 and this Manual. Online application forms and instructions are available at the Trinity College IRB website Application Materials page.

Submission of incomplete or unsigned applications will result in the delay of the review and approval process. Attachments to the protocol application may include, as applicable: flyers, posters, advertisements, internet postings or other materials utilized to recruit human subjects, as well as any research instruments involved in the study, such as interview guides, surveys and questionnaires.

When completed, the IRB application and all attachments should be sent to