Appendix 3: Training

REGARDLESS of funding agency requirements, all applicants, and the research staff working with them, must complete research ethics training available online at the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) website.  Student researchers are required to show proof of completion of this training when submitting a research protocol to the IRB.

Social & Behavioral Research – Basic Course ID #133293. The intended audience for this course is investigators/researchers involved in social and behavioral research.

Biomedical Research – Basic Course ID #133921. This course is intended for investigators/researchers in the biomedical field.

Students - Class Projects ID #65557.  This course is designed for students performing research for a class project that involves minimal risk studies.  In addition to the Class Project module, students involved in school based research are required to also complete the following module from the optional listing: Research in Public Elementary and Secondary School - SBE (ID: 508).  Similarly, students involved in internet based research are required to also complete Internet-Based Research - SBE (ID: 510)

Training modules available for IRB administrators and committee members:

IRB Chair (ID: 66701). This course is intended for current and future chairs of the Institutional Review Board (IRB).

IRB - Institutional/Signatory Official: Human Subject Research (ID: 116113). This course provides a general introduction for institutional officials  who, on behalf of the College, have responsibilities of a signatory official.

IRB Members - Basic/Refresher (ID: 65555). This course is intended for persons who have responsibilities for setting policies and procedures (IRB committee members).  It covers topics in both biomedical and social-behavioral fields.