Institutional Approval

All grant proposals submitted by faculty or staff at Trinity College are subject to an internal, pre-submission review via the internal transmittal form. Additionally, any proposals that 1.) designate the College as the recipient of sponsored project funding or 2.) require matching funds from the College, must be vetted by the associate comptroller.

Internal Transmittal Form

The internal transmittal form is the vehicle for collecting written approval for any and all grant submissions or letters of intent to apply. The form must be signed sequentially by the principal investigator/program director(PI/PD), the department chair, the director of faculty grants, the associate comptroller, and the dean of the faculty.

PI/PDs should complete the form, sign, and obtain the signature of the department chair. The director of faculty grants will assist in obtaining the remaining signatures. The completed proposal and transmittal form signed by the PI/PD and department chair should be submitted to the director of faculty grants at least 10 business days before the grant deadline. The director cannot guarantee institutional approval if the proposal is received after that date.

Submission more than ten business days in advance is highly recommended for government grants since errors can be caught in the online submission process and corrected before the due date.

Transmittal Form as a fillable Word document
Transmittal Form as a fillable PDF document

Contact information:

Kristin Magendantz
Director of Faculty Grants and Sponsored Research
(860) 297-5347

Carol Darr
Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations and IRB Administrator
(860) 297-2339

Daniella Arthurs
Assistant Director of Corporate, Foundation and Government  Relations
(860) 297-4214