Department Chairpersons and Program Directors 2015-2016

Department Chairpersons

Anthropology Dr. James Trostle
email ​860-297-2564
Biology Dr. Kathleen Archer (spring) email ​860-297-2226
Dr. Kent Dunlap (acting fall) email ​860-297-2232
Chemistry Dr. Timothy Curran email 860-297-5276
Classics Dr. Gary Reger email ​860-796-8568
Computer Science Dr. Takunari Miyazaki (spring) email ​860-297-4041
​Dr. Peter Yoon (acting fall) email ​860-297-2461
Economics Dr. Miguel Ramirez
email 860-297-2487
Engineering Dr. John Mertens email ​860-297-2301
English ​​Dr. David Rosen email ​860-297-4159
Fine Arts Dr. Kristin Triff
​email ​860-297-2506
History ​​Dr. Dario Euraque email 860-297-2398
Language and Culture Studies ​​Dr. Dario Del Puppo
email ​860-297-2379
Dr. Anne Lambright, Assoc. Chair, Hispanic Section (fall) email ​860-297-2433
Dr. Thomas Harrington, Assoc. Chair, Hispanic Section (spring) email ​860-297-2380
Mathematics Dr. Paula Russo ​email ​860-297-2284
Music Dr. Eric Galm email ​860-297-4201
Philosophy Dr. Erik Vogt email ​860-297-4095
Physical Education Mr. Michael Renwick email ​860-297-2055
Physics Dr. Barbara Walden email ​860-297-5324
Political Science ​Dr. Anthony Messina (fall) email ​860-297-2430
Dr. Stefanie Chambers (spring) email ​860-297-5293
Psychology ​Dr. Dina Anselmi
email ​860-297-2236
Religion Dr. Ellison Banks Findly email ​860-297-2477
​​Sociology Dr. Stephen Valocchi ​email ​860-297-2346
Theater and Dance ​​Ms. Barbara Karger
email 860-297-2209

Major Academic Program Directors 

American Studies ​Dr. Scott Gac email ​860-297-2347
Art History Dr. Kristin Triff email ​860-297-2506
Educational Studies Dr. Andrea Dyrness email 860-297-2323
​​Environmental Science ​Dr. Christoph Geiss (spring) email 860-297-4191
Dr. Joan Morrison (acting fall) email ​860-297-4120
International Studies Dr. Vijay Prashad ​email ​860-297-2518
Jewish Studies Dr. Jonathan Elukin
email ​860-297-4264
Neuroscience Dr. Sarah Raskin
email 860-297-2342
Public Policy and Law ​Dr. Adrienne Fulco email 860-297-2435
Studio Arts ​​Mr. Joseph Byrne
email ​​860-297-2208
Urban Studies ​Dr. Garth Myers ​email ​860-297-4273
Women, Gender, and Sexuality Dr. Robert Corber
email ​860-297-5340

Non-Major Academic Program Directors

​Center for Urban and Global Studies, Cities Program Dr. Xiangming Chen email ​860-297-5170
Film Studies ​Dr. Madalene Spezialetti email ​860-297-2519
Graduate Studies Dr. William Barnett email ​860-297-2527
​​Guided Studies Dr. Chloe Wheatley email ​860-297-2465
Dr. Frank Kirkpatrick email ​860-297-2476
Human Rights Dr. Donna Marcano email ​860-297-4272
Individualized Degree Program ​Dr. Diane Zannoni email ​860-297-2488
InterArts Mr. Mitchell Polin email ​860-297-4006
Ms. Katharine Power email ​860-297-2384
​​Interdisciplinary Science ​Dr. Alison Draper email 860-297-5189
Aetna Quantitative Center Ms. Kaitlyn Gingras email ​860-297-2522
Allan K. Smith Center for Writing and Rhetoric Dr. Tennyson O'Donnell email ​860-297-2206