Summer 2013 Classroom Improvements:

  • Boyer Auditorium in Life Sciences Center is a brand new room! This formerly cavernous auditorium has been transformed into a comfortable, quiet, modern teaching space. Auditorium seating has been replaced by tables and swiveling chairs to accommodate group work and other teaching methods, the floor has been raised to reduce the steep incline of the room and to insulate the teaching and learning space from the mechanical noise, and the whole space has a bright, modern look.
  • In a continuing effort to upgrade furniture in regular classrooms and adjust room capacities to fit the needs of our students and teachers, LSC 136 has an increased capacity, and all furniture is new.
  • Based on a survey of faculty, we determined that the current distribution of whiteboards and blackboards on campus matches faculty desires. Over the course of the past year, the seven rooms whose blackboards were in the worst condition on Campus, McCook 303, 305, 307, 309, 309A, and Seabury 215 were all resurfaced.
  • The Allen K. Smith Writing Center in 115 Vernon Street has been renovated.
  • The dance studio in Trinity Commons 156 has been transformed into a multi-use performance space.
  • A brand new seminar room with state-of-the art projection has been created in Gallows Hill.
  • Additional document cameras and updated projectors have been installed in more classrooms on campus to meet the teaching technology needs of the faculty.

Please send us feedback as you teach and learn in these rooms during this fall semester.

Summer 2012

Based on student and faculty input gathered through a classroom survey administered during the fall semester of 2011, the Learning Spaces Committee improved some of our learning spaces this summer.

  • Responding to request for more rooms with flexible seminar seating for more than 20 students, LSC 131 has been furnished with new, small, movable seminar tables, and some additional tables have been added to LSC 135, to bring the capacity of both rooms up to 25.
  • To address frequent complaints of inadequate daylight and room darkening in the LSC classrooms due to the fact that the high windows have inoperable blinds, this summer new blinds were installed in four rooms: 132, 133, 134, and 138.
  • LSC 138 was converted to a much needed 55 seat lecture style classroom, and Library B-02 was reconfigured to better suit the pedagogical needs of faculty teaching in computer labs.
  • The Social Science Center was outfitted with four additional workstations, and students were given late night access to this highly valued study space.
  • The large lecture room Clement 105 has been remodeled, including new seating, lighting, and improved projection.
  • The McCook physics teaching labs have been outfitted with a rolling AV setup for laptop connectivity.

March 2012

Notice Regarding Legacy Technology in Classrooms
Trinity College Learning Spaces will begin a gradual phase-out of legacy technologies in classrooms. VHS decks, 35mm Slide Projectors, and Overhead Transparency Projectors will not be replaced when they reach the end of their useful lives, and new or updated classrooms will not include these devices.

This is an opportunity to discuss with your Instructional Technologist the many options available for digitizing and integrating material into class work via Moodle, TrinFlix, and other resources. Please contact David Tatem, Greg Matejcik, or Sue Denning with questions or concerns.

Summer 2011

Based on faculty input, two small seminar rooms (Seabury T-408 and MCEC 293) have received new furnishings during the summer of 2011. In both rooms, faculty expressed a need for seminar seating which allowed flexibility in arrangement, so both rooms have been furnished with new, small, movable seminar tables. Please let us know how these rooms work as you teach in them this fall.
During the summer 2011, the committee selected four classrooms for full furniture upgrades.  After procuring samples of some furniture options, students and faculty were invited to evaluate them. Based on feedback received, new furniture was ordered over the summer.  Three seminar style rooms (LSC 135, McCook 309, McCook 309A) have new, flexible seminar tables, on wheels to allow maximum flexibility. One lecture style room (LSC 136) will receive new tablet seats during the fall. In addition, all rooms received new paint. Please send us feedback as you teach and learn in these rooms during this fall semester.

Spring 2011

During the spring 2011, the committee surveyed all classrooms and assessed the current seating capacities. Most classrooms were found to be overcrowded - details are included here. Working with the Registrar, the Committee adjusted the seating capacities for many classrooms, and during the summer Buildings and Grounds will remove extra furniture to align actual classroom capacities with the online capacities. In the fall semester 2011, you will find classrooms to be less crowded, and classroom capacities will be clearly displayed in each room.