Faculty Newsletter

It is my pleasure to present the April 2014 edition of the Faculty Newsletter. The newsletter reports on publications and such extramural accomplishments as papers presented at scholarly conferences, lectures given at other colleges, off-campus performances and exhibitions, election to office in a professional organization, and receipt of external grants.   This edition reports on activities since September 2013.  Thanks to all of you who submitted information.

Thomas Mitzel, Dean of the Faculty

Dean of Faculty’s Office April 2014 Faculty Newsletter

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Conference Papers/Presentations:
Carol Any. “The Needle in the Garden:  Lunar and Solar Time in The Master and Margarita.” Association for Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies, Boston, MA, November 21, 2013.
Jeffrey Bayliss. “‘Korea Conquers the World’: Son Kijŏng, Sports Nationalism, and the Problem of the Victorious Colonial in Imperial Japan.” Institute of Asian Research, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, February 28, 2014.
Ciaran Berry. Poetry Reading. Eagle and the Wren Series, Brooklyn, NY, February 23, 2014.
-- Poetry Reading. Hodges Figgis, Dublin, Ireland, October 31, 2013.
Daniel G. Blackburn.  “Viviparity and Placentation in Reptiles.”  Department of Organismal and Evolutionary Biology, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, February 27, 2014.
Stefanie Chambers. “Somali Immigrant Incorporation in Columbus, Ohio.”  Challenges and Opportunities of Diversity in New Immigrant Destinations Conference, Hartford, CT, October 12, 2013.
Stefanie Chambers. “Latino Mayors: Politics and Policy in Hartford.”  Anton-Lippitt Conference, Brown University, Providence, RI, November 13, 2013.
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Andrea Dyrness. “‘No todos somos pandilleros’: Participatory Research, Collective Identity, and Critical Consciousness.” Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Madrid, Spain, November 23, 2013.
-- “Activismo, Participación y Antropología de la Educación en EEUU/Activist Educational Anthropology in the United States.” Foro Madrileño de Etnografía y Educación, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Madrid, Spain, November 21, 2013.  
Eric Galm. “Fusion, Music, and Identity in Brazilian Popular Music.” New England Council of Latin American Studies, Norton, MA, November 9, 2013.
Cheryl Greenberg. “A History of Black-Jewish Relations and Why We Should Care.” University of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA, February 2, 2014.
Hebe Guardiola-Diaz. “Cross-talk between mTOR and the Endoplasmic Reticulum in Oligodendrocytes.” University of Connecticut Health Center, Farmington, CT, October 8, 2013.
Hebe Guardiola-Diaz, Richard Schneider, Christina M. McGuire ’13, Michael S. McQuiston ’16.  Poster: “Cell Signaling and Lipid Metabolism in Enriched Oligodendrocyte Cultures.” Society for Neuroscience, San Diego, CA, November 13, 2013.
Christopher Hager. “‘If We Ever Expect to Be a Pepple’: the Literary Culture of African American Soldiers.” Modern Language Association Annual Convention, Chicago, IL, January 11, 2014.
Kifah Hanna. “Desire and the Canonization of Arabic Literature.” Modern Language Association, Chicago, IL, January 11, 2014.
Kifah Hanna. “Narrating Desire: Sexuality and Belonging in Hoda Barakat’s War Literature.” Middle East Studies Association, New Orleans, LA, October 11, 2013.
Laura J. Holt, Jonathan Mattanah, and Lance Garmon. Paper symposium chair and presenter: “Attachment in Emerging Adulthood: Mechanisms of Influence on College Adjustment and Romantic Relationships.” 6th Conference on Emerging Adulthood, Chicago, IL, October 10, 2013.
Isaac Kamola. “Realism Within the Conjuncture of Anticolonial Struggle: Cabral and the Limits of International Relations Theory.” International Studies Association-Northeast, Providence, RI, November 9, 2013.
Ariela Keysar. “Jewish Demography and Secularism.” Prozdor Hebrew High School, Jewish Theological Seminary, New York, NY, January 26, 2014.
-- “The Demography of Judaism Outside the Synagogue.” Annual Conference of the Association of Jewish Studies, Boston, MA, December 16, 2013.
-- “The Role of Religion in the Everyday Lives of Young People.” Annual Conference of the Society for the Scientific Study of Religion, Boston, MA, November 8, 2013.
-- “Secularism and the Status of Women.” Pitzer College, Claremont, CA, November 1, 2013.
-- “The Demography of Secular Judaism.” Hebrew Union College, Los Angeles, CA, October 30, 2013.
Ariela Keysar and Barry A. Kosmin. “Are We Seeing the Emergence of Three Distinctive Worldviews?” Society for the Scientific Study of Religion Annual Meeting, Boston, MA, November 9, 2013.
Sara Kippur. “Semprun in English: Multilingualism, Translation, and American Publishers.” American Comparative Literature Association, New York, NY, March 22, 2014.
Barry Kosmin. “Religious, Spiritual and Secular College Students: Are We Seeing the Emergence of Three Distinctive Worldviews?” Salvatori Center, Claremont McKenna College, Claremont, CA, December 4, 2013.
-- “Can We Talk about Pew? The Pew Research Center’s Portrait of American Jews.” The Jewish Federation of Greater Hartford, West Hartford, CT, November 5, 2013.
-- “Religious, Spiritual and Secular Young People: Are We seeing the Emergence of Three Distinctive Worldviews?” Department of Religion, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, October 29, 2013.
 -- “Enumerating Unbelief among Secular Students.” Center for Inquiry, Secular Summit Conference, Tacoma, WA, October 26, 2013.
-- “The Rising Secular-Skeptic Generation.” Center for Inquiry, Secular Summit Conference, Tacoma, WA, October 25, 2013.
-- “The Rising Secular Generation.” SANE Conference, New Haven, CT, October 18, 2013.
Barry A. Kosmin and Ariela Keysar. “What’s the Trend? The Worldviews and Opinions of American College Students in 2013.” Society for the Scientific Study of Religion Annual Meeting, Boston, MA, November 9, 2013.
Mary Tompkins Lewis. “Courbet, Cezanne and the Studio as Stage.” Cezanne Symposium, Jas de Bouffan, Aix-en-Provence, France, September 12, 2013.
Dan Lloyd. Panel Discussion: “The Limits of Brain Imagining.” Imagine Science Films Festival, New York, NY, March 10, 2014.
Kevin McMahon. African Americans & the New Deal.” New York Historical Society & the Four Freedoms Park Conservancy, New York, NY, February 25, 2014.
-- “Constitution Day Lecture.” SUNY Fredonia, Fredonia, NY, September 18, 2013.
Binod Giri ’15, Christian T. Firsching ’15 (presenters), and John Mertens. “Outdoor Testing of a Double-Diaphragm Shock Tube.” 32nd Regional Meeting on Kinetics and Dynamics, Hartford, CT, January 25, 2014.
Anthony M. Messina. “Is Europe Too Diverse? The Implications of ‘Super’ Diversity for European Citizenship, Identity, and Political Community.” LUISS School of Government, Rome, Italy, December 12, 2013.
Olivia Meredith, Mia Schulman, and Theresa Morris. “Why Do Low-Risk Women Have C-Sections?: A Case Study of a Tertiary Care Hospital in Connecticut.” 2014 Eastern Sociological Society Meetings, Baltimore, MD, February 22, 2014.
Theresa Morris. “Explaining the C-Section Paradox: Risk Aversion and Birth in Organizational Context.” University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH, February 11, 2014.
-- “Cut It Out: The C-Section Epidemic in America.” Hartford Public Library, Hartford, CT, October 17, 2013.
Garth Myers. “Seeking Socio-environmental and Spatial Justice in African Cities.” Dimensions of Political Ecology Conference, Lexington, KY, March 1, 2014.
-- “Remaking the Edges: Sub-Saharan Africa’s New Suburbs.” Africa at Noon Seminar Series, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI, February 19, 2014.
-- “Seeking Socio-environmental and Spatial Justice in African Cities.” Social Justice and the City Workshop, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong, China, December 5, 2013.
-- “Accelerating Pro-Poor Transitions to Urban Sanitation.” Planning Practices that Matter: Housing for Resilient Cities Symposium, MIT, Cambridge, MA, November 16, 2013.
-- “Reading Urban Environments in Africa.” Nature & Culture Seminar, Hall Center for the Humanities, University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS, October 18, 2013.
Beth E. Notar. “Yunnan: An Overview.” Center for Leadership in Global Sustainability, Virginia Polytechnic Institute, Blacksburg, VA, February 8, 2014.
-- “China Auto Shows: Display, Au-ray, and Play.” American Anthropological Annual Meetings, Chicago, IL, November 2013.
Miguel D. Ramirez. “Are Foreign and Public Investment Productive in the Argentine Case? A Two-Break Unit Root Analysis, 1960-2011.” The 83 Southern Economic Association Meetings, Tampa, FL, November 25, 2013.
-- Discussant: “‘Does the Distribution of Income Matter for Economic Growth?’ by Olivier Giovannoni.” The 83 Southern Economic Association Meetings, Tampa, FL, November 25, 2013.
-- “Is Foreign Direct Investment Beneficial for Mexico: A Cointegration Analysis with Structural Breaks.” Academy of Business Research Fall 2013 Conference, Montego Bay, Jamaica, November 15, 2013.
Sarah Raskin. “Effects of College Drinking Behavior on Cognitive Functions.” University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT, March 26, 2014.
-- “Update on Cognitive Rehabilitation.” Brain Injury Alliance of Connecticut Annual Conference, Hartford, CT, March 7, 2014.
-- “Overview of Cognitive Rehabilitation.” Hartford Hospital, Hartford, CT, February 25, 2014.
-- “Using a Measure of Prospective Memory to Predict Onset of Dementia.” International Neuropsychological Society Annual Conference, Seattle, WA, February 14, 2014.
-- “The Healing Power of Music.” WNPR Colin McEnroe Show, live at the Watkinson School, West Hartford, CT, January 22, 2014.
Sarah Raskin, Navneet Kaur ’12, and Consuelo M. A. Pedro ’13.  Poster: “Relationship between Physiological and Clinical Measures of Prospective Memory.”  Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting, San Diego, CA, November 11, 2013.
Alexis Benedetto ’13 and Sarah Raskin. Poster: “Prospective Memory and Natural Actions Tasks in Individuals with Traumatic Brain Injury.” International Neuropsychological Society Annual Conference, Seattle, WA. February 14, 2014.
Martha Risser, Michael Zimmerman ’99, and Jane DeRose Evans.  “Field C at Caesarea Maritima: An Analysis of the Stratigraphy and Pottery.” Annual Meeting of the American Schools of Oriental Research, Baltimore, MD, November 22, 2013.
Todd Ryan. “Scepticism and Science in Hume’s Dialogues.” Center for the Study of Scottish Philosophy, Spring Workshop, Princeton Theological Seminary, Princeton, NJ, March 16, 2014.
Meredith Safran. “Ancient Coins, Timeless Power: Currency of Power in NBC’s Grimm 1.13.” Annual Film & History Conference, Madison, WI, November 22, 2013.
Alexandra Mehraban, Robin Neschke, and Arthur Schneider. “Can Trust be Rebuilt Once it is Broken? The Evidence from a Two Stage Sequential Trust Game.” 2014 Asia-Pacific ESA Conference, Auckland, New Zealand, February 20, 2014.
Mark Setterfield. “Inequality, Debt Servicing, and the Sustainability of Steady-State Growth.” Eastern Economic Association, Boston, MA, March 9, 2014.
-- “Inflation Targeting and Macroeconomic Stability with Heterogeneous Inflation Expectations.” Eastern Economic Association, Boston, MA, March 9, 2014.
-- “Household Borrowing and the Possibility of ‘Consumption-driven Profit-led Growth.’” Eastern Economic Association, Boston, MA, March 8, 2014.
-- “Debt Servicing, Aggregate Consumption, and Growth.” New School for Social Research, New York, NY, February 11, 2014.
-- “Foreign Sector Constraints and Monetary Dominance: Alternatives to the New Consensus Macroeconomics” Productive Structure, Institutions, and Economic Policy in the Periphery: Towards a Heterodox Research Agenda, Universidad Nacional de San Martin, Buenos Aires, Argentina, November 16, 2013.
-- “Using Interest Rates as the Instrument of Monetary Policy: Beware Real Effects, Positive Feedbacks, and Discontinuities.” Central Bank of Argentina 2013 Money and Banking Conference: Reconsidering Macroeconomic Theory, Financial Structures, and the Role of the Central Bank, Buenos Aires, Argentina, November 15, 2013.
-- “Debt Servicing, Aggregate Consumption, and Growth.” Financialisation, Economy, Society and Sustainable Development (FESSUD) Annual Conference: Financialisation and the Financial Crisis, Amsterdam, Netherlands, October 18, 2013.
Jacquelyn Southern. “Power Reactor: Habitus, the Spaces of Unionism, and Environmental Practice.” 35th Annual North American Labor History Conference, Detroit, MI, October 24, 2013.
Josh Stillwagon. “Does the Consumption CAPM Help in Accounting for Expected Currency Returns?” Eastern Economic Association Conference, Boston, MA, March 9, 2014.
-- “Do Investors Expect Excess Bond Returns and, If So, Which Risk Factors Deter Arbitrage?” Eastern Economic Association Conference, Boston, MA, March 8, 2014.
-- “Currency Risk and Imperfect Knowledge: Cointegrated VAR Analyses with Survey Data.” Bryant University, Smithfield, RI, October 28, 2013.
Ramsey Tracy. “Los mayas en el tiempo y el espacio: Palabra que engendra el universo Meso-americano.” Council of Latin American and Iberian Studies Invited Lecture Series, Yale University, New Haven, CT, February 4, 2014.
-- Organized and presented: “Presidential Special Session: Indigenous Literatures in the 21st Century: Performance, Text, and Reception.” Modern Language Association Annual Convention, Chicago, IL, January 11, 2014.
Abigail Fisher Williamson. “Ethnic Concentration, Co-Ethnic Participation: Mexican-American Civic Participation and Destination Context.”  Association for Public Policy and Management, Washington, DC, November 7, 2013.
Gail Woldu.  “Developing the Artist-Citizen.” Annual Meeting of the College Music Society, Cambridge, MA, October 30, 2013.
Pablo Delano. “In Residence: Contemporary Artists at Dartmouth.” Group Exhibition. Hood Museum of Art, Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH, January 18-July 6, 2014.
Michael C. FitzGerald. Curator: “Post-Picasso: Contemporary Reactions.” Museu Picasso Barcelona, March 5-June 29, 2014.
Eric Galm. Trinity Samba ensemble, Rio Samba Show 2014-Brazilian Carnival, Portuguese Club of Hartford, Newington, CT, February 22, 2014.
-- Percussionist for “Going Our Way?”  Framingham Heritage Chorale, Framingham, MA, February 9, 2014.
-- Percussionist for “An Afternoon of Samba and Bossa Nova.” Temple Beth El, West Hartford, CT, November 24, 2013.
-- Music Coordinator and Musician: “African Worship Service.” St. James Episcopal Church, Farmington, CT, November 10, 2013.
Robert Kirschbaum. “Objects of Our Affection.” Group Exhibition. University of Saint Joseph Art Gallery, West Hartford, CT, September 19-December 15, 2013.
Dan Lloyd. “‘Smart Patterns II,’ Video Animation and Sonification of Brain Activity.” Imagine Science Films Festival, New York, NY, March 10, 2014.
-- “‘A Sonic Tour of the Brain,’ Sonification/Installation Based on Brain Activity.” Brain Banquet, produced by Guerilla Science, London, UK, March 13-15, 2014.
Gerald Moshell.  Pianist, with Elizabeth Lyra Ross, soprano: Solo recital. Festival of Trees, Hartford Atheneum, December 15, 2013.
-- Pianist, with Elizabeth Lyra Ross, soprano: Solo recital of opera, musical theatre, lieder, spirituals, and popular song. Central Connecticut State University, New Britain, CT, March 12, 2014.
Michael Preston performed as Mr. Marvel in A Christmas Carol, directed by Max Williams and Michael Wilson, Hartford Stage, November 29-December 28, 2013.
Michael Preston performed as Egeus/Peter Quince in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, directed by Darko Tresnjak, co-production of the Hartford Stage and the Hartford Symphony, Bushnell Center for the Performing Arts, January 9-12, 2014.
Dan Román. Passing Puntos, performed by the Trio Tremonti. Faulkner Recital Hall, Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH, January 8, 2014.
-- VaReaXiones, performed by Yovianna García. Connecticut Guitar Society Series, Asylum Hill Congregational Church, Hartford, CT, September 28, 2013.
Brett Barwick, “Point Projection Ultrafast Microscopy:  Following Dynamics at the Atomic Scale,” Faculty Seed Research Grant, Connecticut NASA Space Grant Consortium, $6,000, May 2014 through December 2014.
Harry Blaise, “Engineering 311: Electrophysiology of the Central Nervous System,” Faculty Curriculum Development Grant, Connecticut NASA Space Grant Consortium, $7,500, January through December 2014.
Barry Kosmin, “2014 National Survey of American Jewish Students Project,” Pears Foundation, UK,   $25,000; Posen Foundation, Switzerland $25,000; Zachs Foundation, $7,000; Mendelson Foundation, $3,000.
Martha Risser, “Sacred Space at the Bridge of the Untiring Sea,” NEH Fellowship at the American School for Classical Studies in Athens, National Endowment for the Humanities, $21,000, fall 2014.
Honors & Awards:
Leslie Desmangles was the recipient of the Temple University Department of Religion Distinguished Alumnus Award, November 2013.
Alden Gordon is James Ackerman Resident Fellow at The American Academy in Rome, spring 2014.
Christopher Hager’s book Word by Word: Emancipation and the Act of Writing was named a finalist for the 2014 Gilder Lehrman Lincoln Prize.
Anne Parmenter was the recipient of the Recipient of Judy Sweet Award, NCAA Women Coaches Academy (WCA), 2013.
Diana Paulin, 2013 ASTR (American Society for Theatre Research) Eroll Hill Award for Outstanding Scholarship in African-American Theatre Studies for Imperfect Unions: Staging Miscegenation U.S. Drama and Fiction (University of Minnesota Press, 2012).
Mark Silk’s blog, “The Prophetic March on Washington,” was part of a multimedia package by the Religion News Service entitled The March, on the 50th anniversary of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.’s March on Washington, that won the 2014 Religion Communicators Council (RCC) Wilbur Award, in the “Digital Communications-Multimedia Category.”
Other Professional Accomplishments:
Stefanie Chambers was appointed to the American Political Science Association Committee on the Status of Women in the Profession, 2013-2016.
Janet Chang was invited to write a blog, “Overcoming Health Disparities: Promoting Justice and Compassion,” for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, January 22, 2014.
Janet Chang was lead organizer of the Sociocultural Working Group, Spring 2014 launch at the Center for Multicultural Mental Health Research.
Pablo Delano’s photographs were featured in “Behind Carnival’s Masks,” The International New York Times, March 7, 2014, and “Carnival’s Essence in Black and White,” by Andrew Boryga, The New York Times Lens Blog, March 4, 2014.
Eric Galm served as a panelist for Southern New England Traditional Arts Apprenticeship Program proposals, Institute for Community Research, Hartford, CT, November 22, 2013.
Sarah Raskin was elected to the Board of Directors of the Brain Injury Alliance of Connecticut.
Sarah Raskin served on the Program Committee of the International Neuropsychological Society mid-year meeting.
David Rosen was an invited participant at “Surveillance: What’s the Harm? An International Convening,” sponsored by PEN-America, the ACLU, and Fordham Law School, New York, NY, November 14, 2013.
 Mark Setterfield was appointed editor (with Peter Kriesler, University of New South Wales) of the Routledge Advances in Heterodox Economics book series.