Staff/Contact Information


Thomas Mitzel
Professor of Chemistry Tom Mitzel was appointed Dean of the Faculty and Vice President for Academic Affairs on July 1, 2013. Reporting to the President, he is the chief academic officer and the second ranking officer of the College.

The dean shares responsibility for academic administration with two associate deans.  Although each member of the dean's staff operates with considerable autonomy in his or her respective sphere, each is responsible for keeping the dean informed of emerging issues and actions taken, and for working together as a part of a coordinated team.
The associate deans (and general areas of responsibility) are:

Sonia Cardenas
Associate Academic Dean and Professor of Political Science
Diversity Officer; Curriculum Committee (secretary); liaison to First-Year Program, Writing Center, Center for Urban and Global Studies, and Office of International Programs; member of Campus Climate Council, Graduate Council, Assessment Advisory Board, IRB, Presidential Scholars Committee; Graduate Fellowships Committee; Trustee Excellence Awards.                                
(Williams Memorial 226, 860-297-4193)

Melanie Stein
Associate Academic Dean and Professor of Mathematics
Manages academic budget, including travel and research funds, and is first point of contact for department chairs and program directors regarding adjunct staffing needs; liaison for campus construction projects; member of FRC, ITEC, Benefits Committee, Risk Management Committee, Graduate Council, Assessment Advisory Board, Learning Spaces Committee, Quantitative Center Advisory Committee; oversees HMTCA partnership. 
(Williams Memorial 232, 860-297-2290)

Three staff members, functioning as a team, provide a range of administrative support services to the Dean's Office, the faculty, various committees, and others engaged in academic administration.



Janet A. Marotto
Assistant to the Dean of the Faculty, manages the Dean's calendar and the daily flow of activity within the Dean of Faculty's Office.
(Williams Memorial 120, 860-297-2144)


 Sylvia W. DeMore
Special Assistant to the Dean of Faculty, assists the dean with all matters pertaining to the A&P Committee and the Educational Policy Committee, contract renewals, appointment letters, leave requests, faculty profiles, and faculty newsletters.
(Williams Memorial 228, 860-297-2152)

 Nan Horton
Administrative Assistant to the Associate Academic Deans, provides primary support for the work of Deans Cardenas and Stein. She also assists with the work of the Faculty Research Committee and the Ann Plato Search Committee.  Nan is also responsible for the administration of all faculty reimbursement requests.
(Williams Memorial 232, 860-297-2128)