Coordinator:  Tennyson O'Donnell, PhD,
Director, Allan K. Smith Center for Writing and Rhetoric

This minor is designed for students interested in writing, rhetoric, and the interrelated arts of media.  Core courses provide students with extensive opportunities to develop their writing in various genres, along with an examination of rhetorical theories and practices.  Elective courses explore social, cultural, and field-specific topics in language, logic, persuasion, and multimedia modes of communication.   

Course Requirements: 

The minor consists of six courses, including three core courses, two electives, and an integrating exercise.  Courses must be chosen from at least three different academic fields, with no more than three courses drawn from any one field.  Students must earn a minimum of C- in any given course to receive credit for the minor.   

1.         Core Courses—Three (3) courses chosen from the following list.           

           RHET 103.  Special Writing Topics

            RHET 202.  Expository Writing Workshop

            RHET 208.  Argument and Research Writing

            RHET 225.  Writing “Broad Street” Stories

            RHET 226.  Spirit of Place

            English 265.  Introduction to Film Studies

            English 270.  Introduction to Creative Writing

            RHET 300.  Art of the Essay

            RHET 302.  Writing Theory and Practice

            RHET 331.  Art of Argument

            English 333.  Creative Nonfiction

            English 337.  Writing for Film

            RHET 338.  Political Rhetoric and the Media 

Electives—Two (2) courses chosen from different academic fields.  A sample list of eligible courses follows.  Appropriate alternative courses can be substituted, subject to the approval of the minor coordinator. 

American Studies 279.  American Autobiography

Anthropology 301.  Ethnographic Methods & Writing

Cities Program 206.  Writing the City

Computer Science 110.  Computers, Information, and Society

Fine Arts 105.  History of World Cinema

History 264.  Film and History

History 299.  What is History?  Historiography & Historical Methods

            Linguistics 101.  Introduction to Linguistics

            Mathematics 114. Judgment and Decision-Making

            Mathematics 205.  Abstraction and Argument

            Philosophy 205.  Symbolic Logic

            Philosophy 255.  Philosophy of Logic

            Philosophy 238.  Media Philosophy

            Philosophy 386.  Philosophy and Film

            Political Science 241.  Empirical Political Methods and Data Analysis

            Political Science 325.  Communications and Politics

            Psychology 221L.  Research Design and Analysis

            Psychology 255.  Cognitive Psychology

            Psychology 391.  Psychology of Language

            Public Policy and Law 202.  Law, Argument and Public Policy

            Religion 267.  Religion and the Media

            Sociology 201L.  Research Methods in the Social Sciences

            Sociology 241.  Mass Media, Popular Culture and Social Reality

            Studio Arts 126.  Photography I

            Theater and Dance 393.  Playwrights Workshop I           

Note:  Classical and modern language courses at the intermediate level and above can also count as electives.    

3.         Integrating Exercise 

Seniors in the minor have three options for the integrating exercise.  They can choose to (1) take Rhetoric 399, Independent Study, involving a semester-long writing project, or (2) undertake an integrated internship related to media and communications, or (3) participate in a writing-related apprenticeship for academic credit as a Research Assistant or Teaching Assistant.  Students should consult with the minor coordinator about these options.