Writing Associates

Who Are the Writing Associates?

The Writing Associates Program was created in 1989 as a peer tutoring program to supplement faculty efforts and encourage a positive writing culture at Trinity. This has been an extremely successful endeavor, generating competition among Trinity's best students for the honor of a place in the program. Over 40 students take part in the Writing Associates Program each year. 2014 will mark our 25th anniversary. Learn more about applying to be a writing associate.

Meet This Year's Writing Associates!

​Hamdi Abdi '16
Major: Biology
Message: Said by The Women herself, "Each time I write a book, every time I face that yellow pad, the challenge is so great. I have written eleven books, but each time I think, 'Uh oh, they're going to find out now. I've run a game on everybody and they're going to find me out." Let Dr. Angelou reassure us all that writing is not all about conviction and persuasion. We are all struggling to convey our message. ​

​Natalie Behenna '15

Major: English Literature, Psychology​

Messsage: My favorite part of being a Writing Associate is being a part of a writer’s "Aha!" moment, when an idea comes up in the session and the writer finds something exciting in their work.

Shannon Burke '16

Major: Economics

Minor: English Literature and Medieval and Renaissance Studies 

Message: While writing can be productive, it is also a creative process that through the free flow of ideas can never be boring. If you disagree, come to the Writing Center and and meet people who enjoy nothing more than helping YOU work your way through the creative process of writing. For me, working on a paper with a student that finds new ideas and interpretations in the topic is the best part of the job. Plus there's candy...

Maddie Burns '16

Marie Christner '15
Hey guys! My name is Marie, and I am a current junior at Trinity. I am a German Studies and English Literature double major. In addition to being a writing tutor, I am also a member of the Trinity College Trinitones (Trinity’s oldest all-female a Cappella group) as well as the Trinity College Chapel Singers and the Trinity College Choir. Obviously I love to sing, but my other hobbies include reading and spending time with my friends. Being a writing tutor is very important to me, because writing is such an integral part of the college experience. Hopefully I will see you all in the writing center!

​Alex Deluse '15

Major: English Literature

Message: Being able to write well is important no matter what classes you are in and can be used in every aspect of your life. I’m hoping to help make the writing process a little bit easier for you.​

Brian Dones '15

Brendan Dowling '16
Hello! My name is Brendan Dowling and I'm a junior majoring in economics. In addition to being a Writing Associate, I'm on the football team, a member of the Federal Reserve Challenge team, and co-President of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. I intend to pursue a career in financial services. Clearly expressing one's thoughts is an essential skill across all disciplines, and I really enjoy working with students on all types of writing. I hope I have the opportunity to meet and work with you soon!

Peter Ganem '15
Major: English Lit
High School : 3 Years at Torrington High School 2 at Suffield Academy
Hometown: Torrington Connecticut
On Campus: Played one year of Football at Trinity, yet had to give up due to a serious back injury with added concussions. I am also a Resident Life Assistant, Trinity College Senator At Large, in addition to a Writing Associate.
Future: Hoping to possibly extend my education in to graduate school and working in either education, public safety, or law.

Domonique Griffin '17

Major: Psychology, Educational Studies

​Message: I have always loved to write and I look forward to help my people work through the writing process regardless of their field of study. 

Claire Hogan '16

Emily Horn '15
Hi! My name is Emily Horn and I am a Junior from the suburbs of Philadelphia double majoring in American Studies and Religion. In addition to my newfound involvement with the writing center I’m involved in a few things on campus, most notably the Fred Pfeil Community Project. I am excited to get to work in the writing center, so please stop by!

Griffin Hunt '17
My name is Griffin Hunt and I hail from San Francisco, California. Though I have not yet declared, I intend to major in Public Policy and Law and minor in Philosophy. At Trinity, I am involved with Barnyard Entertainment and the Guided Studies Program. During the summer, I teach the Tourism & Development course at The Island School, in The Bahamas. Teaching has given me a sincere passion for working with students and for helping to scaffold confidence within writers. I also enjoy playing squash, singing in the shower, feasting on Chipotle, and getting caught in the rain.

Varun Konanki '15
Hi! My name is Varun and I am currently a senior at Trinity. I am from Newton, MA and am a neuroscience major. In addition to working at the writing center, I am a member of the wrestling team and treasurer of Alpha Chi Rho. My goal after college is to go to medical school. I am looking forward to working with you all at the writing center!

Alice Khabituyeva '17

Joy Kim '17

Major: Economics, Urban Studies

Message: Writing is a skill at which we can never stop improving. It’s my hope and passion that anyone, at any walk of life, can come into the Writing Center and find ways to refine your voice and new methods of expressing yourself. 

Madeleine Kim '16
Hello! My name is Maddie Kim and I'm a junior from New Jersey majoring in English Lit. Besides working as a Writing Associate, I am also a member of the Trinity College Dance Company and a first year mentor.  In my free time I enjoy learning about fitness, inventing new recipes and playing with my two amazing jack russell terriers.  I can't wait to see you in the Writing Center this year!

Sha Li '16
Hello! My name is Sha Li, and I’m a junior double-majoring in Economics and French. I was born and raised in Mainland China, but have been living and studying in the US for the past 6.5 years (I studied abroad in Paris, France last semester). Aside from being a Writing Associate, I’m a member of Student Government Association’s Budget Committee, a Chapel Singer, and a Teaching Assistant for Econometrics. This is my second year working in the Writing Center, and I have thoroughly enjoyed helping my fellow peers become more confident and effective in their writings. Please don’t hesitate to stop by; I look forward to meeting you soon!

Taylor Low '16

Ana Medina ‘16

Hello everyone! My name is Ana Medina and I am currently a sophomore majoring in Psychology with a Writing, Rhetoric, and Media minor. Aside from being a writing associate, I am also the co-coordinator of Students Against Sexual Assault, social chair of La Voz Latina, program assistant of the Health Center, member of the Tripod, and a first year mentor for Professor Raskin’s seminar. I enjoy being involved in all types of activities and hope to pursue a career in student affairs. I want students to become confident writers and am thrilled to be a guide in that process.  

Erica Quinones '16
Hey guys! My name is Erica Quiñones and I am a junior here at Trin. I am majoring in Biology with the hopes of attending dental school once I graduate. In addition to working as a writing associate, I also play for the softball team and I helped co-found Trinity’s Pre-Dental Society. Whether it’s a lab report or an essay, feel free to stop by- I’d be more than happy to help!

Forrest Robinette '16

Major: English Literature, Theater

Message: Communication is the bedrock of human progress. Here at the Writing Center we will nurture this most important skill.​

Elaina Rollins ‘16

Hello! My name is Elaina Rollins and I am currently a sophomore at Trinity College. My hometown is Columbus, OH – an eleven hour drive from Hartford. Although I grew up in the Midwest, I am enjoying my time on the East Coast. I have not declared a major, but I know I am interested in educational studies and public policy. Aside from being a Writing Associate, I enjoy working on the Trinity Tripod as a News Editor.  My interest in writing stems from my love of reading, a hobby that occupies most of my free time. I hope to see you in the Writing Center this year!

Will Schreiber-Stainthorp '15

Major: Neuroscience

Message: There are three ways to meet people: on the ground, underwater, and via the written word. If you’re like me, and value having friends besides your parents, then you need to be good at all three. Come in to the writing center, and we’ll work together to make you - and me - stronger and more beloved individuals.

Sierra Slade '15
Hello! My name is Sierra Slade. I am from northern Illinois and a junior at Trinity College. I am majoring in Neuroscience and minoring in Philosophy. Apart from being a writing associate,  I am a member of the Fred Pfeil Community Project and a community service volunteer through the Trinity organization JELLO. I am very excited to be a writing associate this year. Writing is an essential skill in college and beyond, so I encourage you all to stop by. I look forward to working with you!

​Sara Smith '15

Hi guys! My name is Sara Smith and I am a junior. I hope to major in Economics with a double minor in French and Formal Organizations. In addition to being a Writing Associate, I am a member of the Student Health Advisory Committee (SHAC) at Trinity. I am excited to see you all in the writing center this year; do not hesitate to stop by!

Nykia Tanniehill '15
Hi all! I'm Nykia Tanniehill and I am currently a junior here at Trinity. I'm an American Studies major and a Writing, Rhetoric, & Media minor. On campus, I'm a First-Year Mentor, a barista at the Underground Coffeehouse, and a member of the Trinity College Quirks. My interests include dance, reality TV, shoe shopping, people watching, and writing. I'm so excited to join this passionate team of Writing Associates and chat with you about whatever stage of the writing process you're in. I hope you'll drop by sometime!

Molly Thoms '17

Evan Turiano '16
Hi! My name's Evan Turiano, and I'm from New Canaan, CT.  I'm a junior, and I am majoring in American Studies with a minor in Legal Studies.  Aside from working as a Writing Associate, I'm a Quest Leader, I'm involved with the Outdoors Club and the TREEhouse, and I am a DJ at WRTC.  Hiking and dogs are some of my favorite things, so if you are writing a paper about them come see me.  Can't wait to meet you!

Abigail Whalen ‘15

Hello everyone! My name is Abigail Whalen and I am a junior here at Trinity College. I am majoring in Biology and am on a pre-medical track as well. Besides from being a writing associate I work at the college bookstore, do research with a member of the biology faculty, and am a first-year mentor. This fall will mark my first year as a writing associate and I am more than excited to start tutoring! Writing had always been that scary subject looming over my head until I realized how enjoyable it could be to write about a subject you are passionate about. Writing, especially in the scientific field, has become a joy and I am excited to start working with anyone who needs help!