Writing Associates

Who are the Writing Associates?

All Writing Associates are current Trinity College Students who exhibit excellence in the art of writing and share a passion for improving the writing of their peers using a collaborative approach. Writing Associates are selected from a wide variety of academic majors, and are identified by their professors as outstanding writers. Writing Associates undergo a rigorous training curriculum that includes completing RHET 302, Writing Theory and Practice. The Writing Associates Program was created in 1989 to supplement faculty efforts and encourage a positive writing culture at Trinity. ​

2014 marks our 25th anniversary!

Meet This Year's Writing Associates!


​Hamdi Abdi '16
Major: Biology
Message: Said by The Women herself, "Each time I write a book, every time I face that yellow pad, the challenge is so great. I have written eleven books, but each time I think, 'Uh oh, they're going to find out now. I've run a game on everybody and they're going to find me out." Let Dr. Angelou reassure us all that writing is not all about conviction and persuasion. We are all struggling to convey our message.  

Shannon Burke '16

Major: Economics

Minor: English Literature and Medieval and Renaissance Studies 

Message: While writing can be productive, it is also a creative process that through the free flow of ideas can never be boring. If you disagree, come to the Writing Center and ​meet people who enjoy nothing more than helping YOU work your way through the creative process of writing. For me, working on a paper with a student that finds new ideas and interpretations in the topic is the best part of the job. Plus there's candy...

Madeline Burns '16
Major: English
Minor: Classics
“I have rewritten – often several times – every word I have ever published. My pencils outlast their erasers.” – Vladimir Nabokov​

Alex Denoto '18

Haley Dougherty '18

Brendan Dowling  '16

Major: Economics

Message: Hi everyone! At the heart of liberal arts education is the ability to organize and clearly express one's thoughts across all disciplines. At the Writing Center, we can use any assignment as a means to promote this important skill. I hope to meet and work with you soon! ​   

Maggie Elias '17

Sedona Georgescu '17

Elizabeth Goetz '176

Domoniqu​e Griffin '17

Major: Psychology, Educational Studies

​Message: I have always loved to write and I look forward to helping people work through the writing process regardless of their field of study. 

Lydia Herndon '18

Claire Hogan '16

Major:  Public Policy & Law

Message:  The Writing Center is important because strong writing skills are beneficial in any area of study, and you can never stop improving!​

Caroline Howell '18

Griffin Hunt '17

Major: Public Policy & Law

Minor (intended)Philosophy 

Message: Being a Writing Associate lets me answer what I feel to my calling: helping others. Tutoring has given me a sincere passion for working with students and for helping to scaffold confidence within writers.​

Alice Khabituyeva '17
Major: Economics, Mathematics
Minor: French
Message: Writing is a mental exercise. Perform it regularly and you will not only be a better writer, but also a better thinker and communicator. Hey, you might even become a better person.​

Joy Kim '17

Major: Urban Studies

Message: Writing is a skill which we can never stop improving. It’s my hope and passion that anyone, at any walk of life, can come into the Writing Center and find ways to refine your voice and new methods of expressing yourself. 

Madeleine Kim '16

Major: English Literature

Message:  I love being a Writing Associate because I get to help others find their voice and express themselves in new ways.​

Josh LeBlanc '16

Sha Li '16
Major: Economics
Message: I have thoroughly enjoyed helping my fellow peers become more confident and effective in their writings. Please don’t hesitate to stop by; I look forward to meeting you soon!

Kira Mason '18

Ana Medina ‘16

Major: Psychology

Minor: Writing, Rhetoric & Media

Message: I enjoy being a Writing Associate because I find great value in the exchange of ideas and information shared between all types of student writers.​

Sarah Messenger '18

Mya Peters '18

Erica Quinones '16

Major: Biology​

Message: I have always enjoyed writing and as a Writing Associate, I love that I can help my fellow classmates at Trinity. 


Forrest Robinette '16

Major: English Literature, Theater

Message: Communication is the bedrock of human progress. Here at the Writing Center we will nurture this most important skill.​

Elaina Rollins ‘16 

Major: Education

Molly Thoms '17

Major (intended):  Educational Studies, Hispanic Studies 

Minor (intended):  Urban Studies

Message:  Being a Writing Associate allows me to combine three of my greatest passions: being a human thesaurus, meeting terrific people, and eating ridiculous amounts of candy. So come to the Writing Center. We'll help you become a more confident writer, satisfy your sweet tooth, and show you that writing is a cool, creative, and collaborative process!​

Evan Turiano '16

Major:  American Studies​

Minor: Legal Studies

Message:  Being a Writing Associate is important to me because I think that it’s very important to have opportunities to work with peers rather than professors.

Emily Turner '18