Writing Associates

Who are the Writing Associates?

All Writing Associates are current Trinity College Students who exhibit excellence in the art of writing and share a passion for improving the writing of their peers using a collaborative approach. Writing Associates are selected from a wide variety of academic majors, and are identified by their professors as outstanding writers. Writing Associates undergo a rigorous training curriculum that includes completing RHET 302, Writing Theory and Practice. The Writing Associates Program was created in 1989 to supplement faculty efforts and encourage a positive writing culture at Trinity. ​

2014 marked our 25th anniversary!

Meet This Year's Writing Associates!


​Manny Asencio ‘18
Major: English, Psychology
Writing is a skill that is necessary in all aspects of life. As a Writing Associate, I particularly enjoy helping people develop that skill. The greatest part about the Writing Center is that it’s a two-way street: I learn as I tutor and that is definitely the best part.

Lexie Axon ‘19
Major: English
Minors: Writing, Rhetoric, and Media Arts & Women, Gender, and Sexuality
Message: The two things I love most are writing and helping others, so working at the Writing Center is the perfect place for me! I love hearing different students’ opinions on literature, history, current events, and any other topics their papers consist of. Working at the Writing Center has allowed me to broaden my own knowledge while also allowing me to help others!

Sarah Beckmann '18
Major: English
Being a Writing Associate at Trinity is allowing me to do what I love most with others; even though I enjoy creative writing in particular, I feel confident doing any task that involves writing in general. I believe that writing well is an important skill to have, especially going into the working world where sometimes people have a difficult time writing coherently. That's why I want to help improve other students' writing habits, while in this process improving my own.

​Bhumika Choudhary  '18
Major: Economics and English
Minor: Writing, Rhetoric, and Media Arts
Message: It is an absolute delight to be a writing associate because it is an invaluable experience to  share one’s writing with a peer. I believe that one of the best ways to enhance one’s writing is by discussing it with another individual. 

Alex Denoto '18
Message:I love to write because it is my favorite method of communication with the world that will last forever. As a writing community, the Writing Center helps and allows all of us to write, to effectively put our thoughts on paper, which I think brings us all one step closer to changing the world.

Melindy Dorcin '17
Major: Biology
Message: My name is Melindy Dorcin. I am a Biology major and I love being a Writing Associate because writing is a skill that applies to all fields of study. In this way, writing is a practice which brings people together. As a Writing Associate, I am able to play a role in this unification process by working with students from different academic backgrounds.

Haley Dougherty '18
Major: Public Policy and Law
All day I look forward to my night shift at the Writing Center excited to learn something new from the students I meet. During a session, I have the chance to listen to a student's stream of thoughts and ideas. I love being able to help guide my peers in translating these ideas into cohesive writing. I have seen how this process empowers students to take control of their own voices. I leave every shift energized and imspired by those I've met.

Maggie Elias '17
Major: Public Policy and Law
Minors: Writing, Rhetoric, and Media Arts & Hispanic Studies
Message: There is no skill as important as being able to form cohesive thoughts into writing. I love helping students with this and seeing their writing skills improve every session!

​Max Fertik ‘19
Major: International Studies and Art History
Minor (intended): Studio Art
Generally, being a writing associate allows me to take part in the active campaign to foster good writing skills. But I truly love to help students fully express themselves in the most authentic and creative way through constructive conversation.
“Lock up your libraries if you like; but there is no gate, no lock, no bolt that you can set upon the freedom of my mind.” -Virginia Woolf

Sedona Georgescu '17
Major: History
Minor: Philosophy
Being a Writing Associate not only allows me to help other Trinity Students, but it also informs me on proper writing techniques. I love that I am able to have genuine conversations with students about their writing and the topics they are studying.

Julia Gorka '19
Major: Public Policy and Law
Message:   “Writing and reading is to me synonymous with existing.” –Gertrude Stein
I enjoy every opportunity I get to work with students on improving their writing skills. I believe that as writing skills are improved, everyone develops a greater love of writing. My favorite part of being a writing associate is seeing students walk out of the writing center feeling more confident in their ability to articulate their thoughts.

Domoniqu​e Griffin '17

Major: Psychology, Educational Studies

​Message: I have always loved to write and I look forward to helping people work through the writing process regardless of their field of study. 

Lydia Herndon '18
Major: Classics

"We do not write in order to be understood; we write in order to understand." - C.S. Lewis 
I love seeing writers grow in understanding through the writing process.

Hannah Ho ‘19
Major: English
Minor (Intended): Writing, Rhetoric, & Media Arts and Music

Message: Bibliophile and coffee addict since birth, starving English major by choice… (kidding, mostly...)
I feel lucky to pursue my passion, writing, in a multitude of ways here at Trinity - not just within my major, but in the Writing Center as well. It gives me the greatest sense of satisfaction to work with my peers, helping them as fellow students to understand the value of good writing and motivating them achieve writing excellence.

Caroline Howell '18

Griffin Hunt '17

Major: Public Policy & Law

Minor (intended)Philosophy 

Message: Being a Writing Associate lets me answer what I feel to my calling: helping others. Tutoring has given me a sincere passion for working with students and for helping to scaffold confidence within writers.​

Michaella Kendrick '19

Major: Human Rights Studies

Message: I used to hate writing, but when I got to Trinity and started taking classes in subjects I really loved like Human Rights, I started seeing the value in being able to express myself clearly and make arguments I was passionate about. I hope to help other Trinity students see the value in writing in their own areas of interest, no matter what that might be.

Alice Khabituyeva '17
Major: Economics, Mathematics
Minor: French
Message: Writing is a mental exercise. Perform it regularly and you will not only be a better writer, but also a better thinker and communicator. Hey, you might even become a better person.​

Joy Kim '17

Major: Urban Studies

Message: Writing is a skill which we can never stop improving. It’s my hope and passion that anyone, at any walk of life, can come into the Writing Center and find ways to refine your voice and new methods of expressing yourself. 

Maddy Kirton '19
Major: Political Science
Minor (intended): History
Message: “You don’t write because you want to say something, you write because you have something to say.” - F. Scott Fitzgerald

Kira Mason '18
Major: English 
Concentration in Creative Writing
Message: "A writer is one who has trained his [or her] mind to misbehave" - Oscar Wilde
Name: Caroline McKenna
Major: Public Policy and Law
Minor: Writing Rhetoric and Media Arts

“The difference between the almost right word and the rightword is really a large matter. ’tis the difference between the lightning bug and the lightning.”
― Mark Twain

The first time I came to the Writing Center I knew right away that I wanted to be a writing associate.  I have found this to be such a comforting place on campus and a wonderful resource for improving writing of all kinds. 

Connor Merinder '19

Message: Everyone has a new and interesting voice and reading that in their writing brings a whole new perspective to the paper. I've always loved writing and I've always loved helping people.

Sarah Messenger '18

Colleen Murdock '17

Major: Art History

Message: I am a Writing Associate, because I enjoy helping others express their ideas and passions through writing.  The Writing Center can give any student the opportunity to grow and improve, and I love sharing and being apart of those experiences.

Ryan Murphy ’17
Major: Economics
Minor: English (Creative Writing)

Message: I’ve always enjoyed writing because it is such a great form of expression and articulation. I love the fact that I get to help students with their writing because it applies to, and is necessary in, every field of study.

Mya Peters '18
Major: Psychology

I love helping people. It is my vocation in life. Being a Writing Associate allows me to fulfill my life's purpose while helping you become a better writer!

Callie Prince ‘17
Major: History
Message: As a History major I spend a lot of time writing and love to do so! I love being a Writing Associate at Trinity because I get to share my love of writing with other students. I look forward to reading the many different types of papers and projects that are brought into the Writing Center. I want to help students improve their writing process so they can better express their ideas.

Riley Risteen '17

Richard Samuelson  '18

Message:  I am Richard Samuelson. I love writing because it connects me to the music of the spheres. I sometimes call myself one of the awakened: I discovered my third eye at two-thirty in the morning during my Sophomore year. Come to the writing center, and we will explore the cosmos together.

Rachel Therrien '18

Major: Public Policy and Law

Message: “You can make anything by writing.”    — C.S. Lewis

Molly Thoms '17

Major (intended):  Educational Studies, Hispanic Studies 

Minor (intended):  Urban Studies

Message:  Being a Writing Associate allows me to combine three of my greatest passions: being a human thesaurus, meeting terrific people, and eating ridiculous amounts of candy. So come to the Writing Center. We'll help you become a more confident writer, satisfy your sweet tooth, and show you that writing is a cool, creative, and collaborative process!​

Emily Turner '18

Majors: English and Language and Culture Studies

Message: The Writing Center is one of my favorite places on campus not only because it houses comfy chairs, exciting conversations, and lots of candy, but also because I never leave without having learned something new. Whether you're brainstorming, organizing your thoughts, or putting the finishing touches on an assignment, swing by the Writing Center so we can help answer all your writing questions!