Manuscript Fellowship

TIIS Manuscript Fellowship Program
The Trinity Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies is excited to announce our second annual Manuscript Fellowship, to be awarded for the academic year 2012-2013. This fellowship is geared toward Trinity faculty members who are in the final stages of preparing a manuscript for submission to a press, or for publication. The faculty member who wishes to have his/her manuscript read by a group of faculty would work with us to select a group of faculty (five or six, with perhaps one person from outside the campus). The group would then read the manuscript and spend a daylong workshop discussing it (lunch and snacks provided). The participants in the workshop will receive a stipend, and the manuscript writer will be offered funds toward getting the manuscript to press. The manuscript need not be book length, nor does it have to be a “manuscript.” It could be an article-length work, and it could as well be a work of art that is in the process of completion.
To apply, send a short statement (1-2 pages at most) by August 15th,  describing your project and your anticipated timetable for completion to the co-directors of the Trinity Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies: Erik Vogt ( and Sara Kippur ( We look forward to learning more about your work.