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Co-directors + Board


Meredith Safran 

Meredith Safran is Assistant Professor of Classics, specializing in Roman literature and culture.  She received her Ph.D. from Princeton University in 2010 and is working on a book about the construction of female civic identity in Roman historiography and political mythology, as represented by the Late Republican writer Livy. She also works on the adaptation of ancient Greek and Roman literary motifs and myths in contemporary literature, film, and television, with a focus on the work of British novelist A.S. Byatt.

Maurice L. Wade

Maurice L. Wade is Professor of Philosophy and a contributing faculty member in International Studies, and Public Policy Studies. He received his Ph.D. for Stanford University in 1982 and joined the Trinity faculty in  1983.  He has published on Rawls’ theory of justice, philosophy of sport, ethics and medical technology, ethics and public policy, racial science, and Frantz Fanon.  He is currently working on Fanon, French colonial humanism, and Senghorian African humanism.

Advisory Board

Cheryl Greenberg, History                                                                                                  

Anne Lambright, Hispanic Studies & Language and Culture Studies

Beth Notar, Anthropology

Sarah Raskin, Psychology & Neuroscience

Dan Román, Music