Co-directors + Board


Erik M. Vogt
Gwendolyn Miles Smith Chair in Philosophy

Erik M. Vogt is the author, (co-)editor, and translator of 28 books, most recently, Slavoj Zizek und die Gegenwartsphilosophie (Vienna – Berlin: Turia + Kant 2011), Monstrosity in Literature, Psychoanalysis, and Philosophy (ed. with
G. Unterthurner) (Vienna – Berlin: Turia + Kant 2012), and Antirassismus, Antikolonialismus, Politiken der Emanzipation: Zur Aktualität von Jean-Paul Sartre und Frantz Fanon (Vienna – Berlin: Turia + Kant, 2012 – forthcoming).  He is also Dozent for Philosophy at the University of Vienna, Austria.

Sara Kippur

Sara Kippur is an assistant professor in the Department of Language and Culture Studies (French). Her research focuses on translation, bilingual writing, and autobiography in contemporary French literature.  She has published articles in L’Esprit créateur, a/b auto/biography studies, Contemporary French and Francophone Studies, and the Journal of Romance Studies. She is currently finishing a book-length manuscript titled Writing It Twice: Self-Translation and the Making of a World Literature in French.

Advisory Board
Drew Hyland, Philosophy (Chair)

Davarian Baldwin,  American Studies
Cheryl Greenberg, History
Anne Lambright, Hispanic Studies
Susan Masino, Neuroscience
Kevin McMahon, Political Science
Beth Notar, Anthropology
Michael Preston, Theater & Dance
Todd Ryan, Philosophy
Mark Setterfield, Economics