Trinity Workshops

2013- 2014 Workshops

Gallows Hill

Between Text and Performance

October 3, Common Hour

Mitchell Polin, Associate Professor of Theater and Dance, Trinity College
Meredith Safran, Assistant Professor of Classics, Trinity College
Rebecca Schneider, Professor of Theatre Arts and Performance Studies, Brown University

Moderator: Milla Riggio, James J. Goodwin Professor of English, Trinity College

Reading: Rebecca Schneider, “Performance Remains,” Perform, Repeat, Record (Intellect Ltd, 2012), 137-50.

Madness and Mental Illness

November 14, Common Hour

Diana R. Paulin, Associate Professor of English and American Studies, Trinity College
Sarah A. Raskin, Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience, Trinity College
Dr. Harold Schwartz, Psychiatrist-in-Chief and Vice President of Behavioral Health, Hartford Hospital’s Institute of Living
Moderator: Laura J. Holt, Assistant Professor of Psychology, Trinity College

Readings: Rebecca Garden, “Disability and Narrative: New Directions for Medicine and the Medical Humanities,” Medical Humanities 36 (2010): 70-74.
Baris Korkmaz, “Theory of Mind and Neurodevelopmental Disorders of Childhood,” Pediatric Research 69: 5 (2011): 101R-108R.


Education: Emancipation, Enlightenment, Efficiency

February 13, Common Hour

Christopher Hager, Associate Professor of English, Trinity College
Isaac Kamola, Assistant Professor of Political Science, Trinity College
Lida Maxwell, Assistant Professor of Political Science, Trinity College
Jennifer Sandler, Director, UMass Alliance for Community Transformation (UACT), and Lecturer, University of Massachusetts
Moderator: Jonathan Elukin, Associate Professor of History, Trinity College

Reading: Jacques Rancière, The Ignorant Schoolmaster (Stanford UP, 1991), 1-43.



April 3, Common Hour

James J. Hughes, Director, Institutional Research and Planning, Trinity College
Donna-Dale Marcano, Associate Professor of Philosophy, Trinity College
Dan Lloyd, Brownell Professor of Philosophy, Trinity College
Moderator: Julia Assaiante, Visiting Lecturer in Language and Culture Studies, Trinity College

Reading: James J. Hughes, “The Politics of Transhumanism and the Techno-Millennial Imagination, 1626-2030,” Zygon 47:4 (December 2012): 757-76.

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