Trinity Workshops

Common Hour Workshops, Fall 2014

Hallden Hall 

Thursday, September 18 Common Hour

Herencias: Contemporary classical Puerto Rican music and culture

Join us for a conversation regarding the culture, politics, and history of contemporary Puerto Rico in anticipation of guitarist Yovianna García's concert ​Herencias, at 7:30 PM in Goodwin Hall.
​Reading       Edgardo Díaz and Peter Manuel (2009). "Puerto Rico: the rise and f​all of the danza as national music." In Peter Manuel. Creolizing Contradance in the Caribbean. Temple University Press, 113-122.
Panelists     Dan Roman and Eric Galm, Music; Luis Figueroa, History; Yovianna García, guitarist
Moderator Anne Lambright, Language and Culture Studies/Hispanic Studies  

Thursday, October 9 Common Hour 
Beauty, Culture, Freedom: Western norms and women's bodies

Who decides what "progress" and "empowerment" mean for women's bodies? Join feminist scholars in examining the politics of globalizing dominant Western beauty ideals and the resulting constructions and controls of women's bodies, including veiling, female genital cutting and body weight.
Reading      Lisa Wade (2009). "Defining Gendered Oppression in U.S. Newspapers: The Strategic Value of 'Female Genital Mutilation'."  Gender and Society 23:3: 293-314.
Panelists    Tamsin Jones, Religion; Tanetta Andersson, Sociology; Afshan Jafar, Sociology, Connecticut College
Moderator Janet Bauer, International Studies

Thursday, November 20th Common Hour
Canon, Curriculum, Cultural Authority: Shaping the "educated person"
Why does a society form a "canon"the body of art and literature deemed "important" or "great" by cultural authorities? What is the ideal or practical relationship between canon and curriculum?  How has the changing notion of the "educated individual" challenged the traditional Western canon?
Readings    John Guillory (1993; re-issued 2013).  Cultural Capital: The Problem of Literary Canon Formation. University of Chicago Press, vii-xiv; Caroline Winterer (2004).  The Culture of Classicism. Johns Hopkins University Press, 1-9.
Panelists    Seth Sanders, Religion; Rachel Leventhal-Weiner, Educational Studies; Bill Mace, Psychology 
Moderator Meredith Safran, Classics

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