Trinity Seminar

The Trinity Seminar 2012-2013: Race 

We welcome our faculty to join the seminar on the theme of race. We envisage people who want to consider the question of race from natural scientific, historical, sociological, political, psychological, religiu The participants in the seminar will choose the readings, and pursue their various, and combined, agendas.


Janet Bauer, International Studies
Jeffrey Bayliss, History
Daniel Blackburn, Biology
Stefanie Chambers, Political Science
David Cruz-Uribe, Mathematics
Dario Euraque, History and International Studies
Luis Figueroa, History
Rena Fraden, Dean of Faculty
Cheryl Greenberg, History
Sara Kippur, Language and Culture Studies
Donna Dale-Marcano, Philosophy
Kevin McMahon, Political Science
Seth Markle, History and International Studies
Diana Paulin, English & American Studies
Erik Vogt, Philosophy
Maurice Wade, Philosophy
Homayra Ziad, Religion