Human Rights Summer Fellows

Human Rights Summer Fellowship Program Re-Organization

Currently, the Human Rights Summer Fellowship is being re-designed.  The Human Rights Program is dedicated to enabling students to explore human rights issues and learn more about human rights organization in Hartford, their hometowns, as well as in metropolitan areas in the U.S and abroad.  Our goal is to re-organize the fellowship program so that  human rights majors and minors and those interested in human rights have a greater opportunity to pursue their own  individual interests with some financial assistance from the Human Rights program.  In order to achieve this vision, we are currently partnering with the Career Development Office to offer students a greater variety of options for internships as well as an  application and oversight process which would enable students to obtain assistance should they desire to create their own human rights projects.   Please continue to visit this website for more information.

If you are interested in an internship specifically geared toward human rights, there is information about other human rights internships (unpaid) under the link "other internships."  You can also click on the  Human Rights Newsletters which contain additional and more current internship information.   Students should feel free to contact the Career Development Center to see what other possibilities exist.  If you are not a human rights major or minor, there is no need to go through the HR program.