Advocacy Fellow-in-Residence

Human rights advocates from around the world come to campus for a week in the spring.  They attend classes; deliver a lecture; and meet with students, faculty, and community organizers.   Past advocates have included a Nigerian student activist,  human rights advocates from Belfast and Mozambique, a forensic physician from Turkey, a Palestinian child psychiatrist,  a youth and human rights organizer from Atlanta, Georgia, and an internationally recognized activist who works with Haitian workers in the Dominican Republic.

In the spring of 2015,  the Human Rights  Program and the Latin and Culture Studies Department were proud to co-sponsor Peruvian artist/activist Jorge Miyagui as the Human Rights Advocacy Fellow-in-Residence.  The following departments and programs also made his visit to campus possible:  Asian Studies, CUGS Arts Committee, History, International Studies, and Studio Arts.  To view Jorge Miyagui's artwork, please click here.