Major Requirements

Human Rights Declaration Form - Please download, complete, and save to your drive.  Once completed, please contact the Human Rights Director, Donna-Dale Marcano, to discuss.    

Human Rights

The individually tailored, interdisciplinary major in human rights studies—An individually tailored major in human rights studies consists of three core courses, two specialized electives, five general electives, and a senior thesis or project. No more than two courses may be double-counted toward another major or minor. Students must earn a minimum of C- in any given course to receive credit for the major. Declaration forms and instructions are available from the Human Rights Program director.

Requirements for the major

  • Core courses (3 credits)—Whenever possible, the core courses should be taken sequentially. HRST/POLS 125 is generally a prerequisite for declaring the major.
    • HRST/POLS 125. Introduction to Human Rights (fall)
    • PHIL 246. Human Rights: Philosophical Foundations (spring)
    • POLS 369. International Human Rights Law (fall and spring)
  • Electives (7 credits)—Electives must satisfy the following criteria: No more than three electives may be from the same discipline or program, and at least four electives must be at the 300 level or above. At least one elective should focus on the United States. And at least three electives must be complementary, focusing on similar types of rights or regions of the world. Courses are selected in consultation with the program director. Students must take two specialized electives and five general electives. A full list of approved electives is available from the Human Rights Program. The following specialized electives are offered in 2015-2016:
    • HIST 256. Human Rights in Latin America and the Caribbean (spring)
    • HRST 332. Understanding Civil Conflict (fall)
    • HRST 348. Arts and Special Populations (fall)
    • HRST 373. Human Rights through Performance: The Incarcerated (spring)
  • Senior project or thesis (one or two credits)—Majors must complete a one-credit senior project or thesis (HRST 497) or, to qualify for honors, a two-credit thesis/project. To receive honors in the major, students must earn at least an A- on the thesis and an A- average for all courses counted toward the major.