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At Trinity, you’ll chart an independent course. Between our 41 majors, 28 minors, and more than 900 courses, you can follow the route that sparks your interest.

Whatever path you choose, it will be rigorous. Our academics are challenging. Success here will take work. But you won’t do it alone. We hold high academic standards, and we also offer myriad support systems to keep you focused and on track.

Your strongest supporters will be your professors. They’re respected scholars who love to teach. So in class or afterward, you’ll always have a knowledgeable resource at hand.

In addition to your major, you can build your own college experience through dozens of academic and extracurricular pursuits. We offer interdisciplinary science studies, a first-of-its-kind human rights program, community learning courses, academic internships, groundbreaking urban-global studies, research opportunities, an accredited engineering program, and diverse offerings in art and performance.

There are so many fascinating aspects to our curriculum, it’s sometimes tough to navigate. So below are a few ideas to help you get started, and if you run into any questions along the way, you can always contact our admissions office for answers.

Student Research

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Student Research Opportunities

Trinity offers many opportunities for students to engage in research, both on and off campus. Visit the website for information on programs and application details.

Student Experiences

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Bhumika Choudhary ’18

Bringing TEDx to Trinity
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Trinity's Legislative Internship Program

At State Capitol, Trinity Interns Get An In-Depth View of Legislative Process
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Mackenze Genauer '16

Seizing the Right Opportunities