If you are planning on doing an internship for credit this summer, you need to contact the Office of Career Development for information on requirements and the internship contract form.  Please check with that office for submission deadlines.

If you are enrolling for a one credit academic internship, you need to submit both an internship contract and an independent study form.  

Once your completed and approved contract has been processed by the Office of Career Development, you will be enrolled in your internship and billed $660 for a .5 credit internship ($600 tuition plus $60 registration fee) or $1260 for a one credit internship ($1200 tuition plus $60 registration fee).   If you later decide not to complete your internship, you may only drop or withdraw in accordance to the withdrawal policies for all summer school courses (please check the Academic Calendar for those dates).  Failure to properly withdraw will result in a grade of F.