Alternate Route & Graduate School

​Trinity students who complete their undergraduate degree may apply to “alternate route” teaching programs (designed to attract qualified candidates who have not completed traditional certification) and/or graduate school programs (especially those that combine public school teaching certification with an advanced degree). State-approved teaching certification programs vary widely across the United States. For a general directory, see


National-level programs

  • Institute for Recruitment of Teachers (IRT) Designed to diversify the pool of prospective K-12 and university faculty, by assisting college students and recent alumni in the graduate school admissions process for advanced degrees in teaching, counseling and administrative careers.
  • Teach for America (TFA) Recruits recent college graduates who commit two years to teach in low-income urban or rural public schools. School districts hire TFA corps members through state-approved alternative certification programs, which require that candidates meet specific requirements and demonstrate proficiency in the grades and subject areas they will teach.


CT Department of Education, specifically Certification information and Links to Educator Preparation Programs

Alternate route certification programs:

  • Connecticut Alternate Route to Teacher Certification (ARC I and II) State-run program designed to attract mid-career professionals into teaching. Requires bachelor’s degree and academic major in subject area to be taught. Certification areas include middle school (grades 4-8), secondary (grades 7-12), music, bilingual, and art (Pre-K-12), and world languages (K-12).

Graduate-level and undergraduate certification programs:



Graduate-level programs, including:

District-based alternate route programs, including:

New Jersey

NJ Department of Education, specifically the Licensure & Credentials website for alternate route and traditional certification, and NJ Hire website for educators

New York State

Alternate certification programs, including:

Graduate-level programs, including: 

  • Bard College - Master of Arts in Teaching Program for secondary school
  • Colgate University – Master’s of Arts in Teaching for secondary school
  • Fordham University – See also Master of Science in Education Intern Fellowship Program.  Has elementary and secondary certification programs

Alternate certification programs, including:

Graduate programs for teacher certification, such as:

Rhode Island

Graduate programs for teacher certification, such as:

Washington, DC

Alternate certification programs, including:

Several charter schools in Washington DC offer teaching fellowship positions. Some incorporate teaching certification into the fellowship, while others just provide teaching experience for college graduates.

Graduate programs for teacher certification, such as:

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