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The interdisciplinary major in Educational Studies integrates theory, policy, and practice of schooling and society, through active, collaborative learning with classrooms and communities in the city of Hartford. While at Trinity, our students:
At Trinity, Educational Studies unifies our understanding of educational institutions and society, learning processes, and youth development. In addition to core courses and electives taught by Educational Studies faculty, our majors benefit from a wide array of cross-referenced courses offered by other departments and programs, including anthropology, psychology, public public, sociology, theater and dance, and others. Although the interdisciplinary major is not a teacher certification program, we also advise students on pathways to teaching. Overall, the Educational Studies major is designed for students who desire a liberal arts education blended with real-world experience and the possibilities of change, whether they aspire to become educators, activists, researchers, policymakers, or simply more informed citizens.

Ed Studies Alumni

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Ashey Ardinger '12

Special education ICT teacher, The Urban Assembly Gateway School for Technology
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Hilary Cramer '05

Executive director, American Friends of the Israel National Museum of Science
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Abby Himmelrich '12

Classroom assistant, Lab School of Washington

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