How to Declare a Major

Download the Ed Studies major declaration worksheet to understand our requirements: 5 core courses, 4 in a
thematic concentration, and 3 additional electives, for a total of 12. Save your copy in either Google Documents or MS Word format.
Explore the the full list of Ed Studies and cross-referenced courses. Since students do not know exactly which courses will be offered more than a year in advance, design a tentative proposal and mark semester as "TBA" if needed. After you declare your major, you can update your proposal each semester as you move closer to graduation.
Schedule a meeting with the Director of the Ed Studies Program to review your plans and learn more about your options, including dual majors and study-away semesters. When the Director approves your proposal, a printed copy will be attachedto your major declaration form for you to submit to the Registrar, and a digital copy will be kept by you and the Ed Studies Faculty to update at future advising meetings as new course schedules become available.