Student Curriculum Projects

As part of the Educ 200: Analyzing Schools introductory course, Trinity students design hypothetical one-week curriculum projects for their Hartford classroom placements, then present their work to be evaluated by a panel of Hartford teachers.
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Organized by subject:

Arts - Visual & Performing

Language & Literacy


Science & Health

Social Studies & History

Interdisciplinary Approaches


Arts - Visual & Performing

(See Interdisciplinary Approaches)

Language & Literacy

(See Interdisciplinary Approaches)


Multicultural Content in Math (Grade 3), with presentation, Debbie Herrera

Bouncing Through Fractions, Percentages and Probability (Grade 6), with presentation, Christina Raiti and Ambar Paulino

A Statistical View of NBA Stars (Grade 7), Mick DiStasio and Jake Shimmel

Fractions in Everyday Life (Grade 6), Mike Valenti and Mark McGrath

Science & Health

Exploring Ecosystems (Grade 6), with presentation, Christina Malin and Brady Olcott

Where We Come From Memoirs (Grade 7), with presentation, Katherine Kelter and Eleanor Sednaoui

Pollution & How it Applies to Aquatic Life (Grade 3), with presentation, Julia Macchi and Brooke Swan

Shrinking Your Carbon Footprint (Grade8), with presentation, Will Duggan and Caitlyn Linehan

Environmentally Friendly (Grade 6), with presentation. Alyson Dimonstein and Nicole Lowell

Green House Gases & Clean Energy (Grade 6), with presentation, Colton Dana and Erik Mohl

How do You Organize a Space Party? (Grade 2), with presentation, Allie Bieling and Caroline Sullivan

Plant in a Cup (Grade K), with presentation, Sammi Meril and Grace Sloane

Healthy Eating in Hartford (Grade 5), with presentation, Elaina Rollins and Katie Barlok

The Properties of Water and the Water Cycle (Grade 3), with presentation, Nicole Sagullo and Elizabeth Bilfinger

A Butterfly Unit (Grade 1), with presentation, Katherine Johnston and Alex Criss

Digging for Dinosaurs (Grade 2), with presentation, Elizabeth Goetz and Molly Mann

 A Trip Around the World: A study of earth's continents and their biomes (Grade 3), Heidi Pi and Sarah Iuli

Earth Friendly (Grade 4), Rachel Rios and Krissy Fahey 
Illegal Drugs and Other Unhealthy Habits (Grade 6), Jarett Matlock and Rebecca Rosen

Social Studies & History

Immigration to the United States in the 20th Century (Grade 8), with presentation, Lauren D'Angelo and Talia Lewis

Back to the Future (Grade 8), with presentation, Ardyn Allessie and Sean Jaquez

Biographies Past & Present, with presentation, Jennifer Chavez and Jennifer Martin

The Role of Citizens in a Democracy (Grade 6), with presentation, Ada Chai and Edmund Gyasi

Puerto Rican Statehood Debate (Grade 9), with presentation, Alex Loy and Kyle Loder

The Abolition of Slavery (Grade 5), with presentation, Sam Funnell and Heather Cain

Perspectives in the Anti Slavery Movement (Grade 8), with presentation, Maggie Dalton-Hoffman and Mary Daly

 Puerto Rico: Uncovering la isla (Grade 2), Jessica Nunez and Jason Goodwin 

 Antique Road Show (Grade 4), Maggie Chrusciel and Caroline Harris

 The WIN Factor (Grade 7), Tyler Becker and Booker Evans 

 The Constitutional Convention (Grade 6), Meghan Smith and Chelsea Sullivan 


Interdisciplinary Approaches

Cook the Culture (Grade 5), with presentation ,Greg Barletta and Bryn Batchelder

Can You Hear Me? (Grade 3), with presentation, Jackie Blayer and Sami Marcus

Are Folktales More than a Story? (Grade 3), with presentation, Emily Carothers and Paige D'Angelo

Know Your Role (Grade 5), with presentation, Emi Ferrara and Maddie Nelson

Creative Character Common App (Grade 8), with presenation, Lindsay Miller and Hayley Mogul

Multicultural Fridays (Grade 5), with presentation, Megan Delaney and David Russell

Design Unit Curriculum: Puerto Rican and Mexican Dance and Creativity Project for 6th Grade Students (Grade 6), with presentation, Bria Lewis and Kristina Xie

Music and Expression with an Easel (Grade 5), with presentation, Raquel Beckford and Adam Skaggs

How Music Forms a Culture (Grade 4), with presentation, Emily Meehan and Madelaine Feakins

Is Academia Worth It? (Grade 8), with presentation, Ainslya Charlton and Carly Napier

 Educational Eruption (Grade 5), Peter Zendt and Greg Crane

  The Final Showcase: Addressing school inequalities through performing arts (Grade 7), Jeanika Browne Springer and Carlos Velazquez

 Production in the Classroom, Voices are seen (Grade 8), Sabrina Vias

 Making Connections with Writing and Theater Arts (Grade 8), Shanese Caton and Shyenne Medina

A Multidisciplinary Look at Soccer (Grade 5), Emily Howe and Pornpat Pootinath