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Course Schedule for FINE ARTS - Fall 2015
Course ID Title Credits Type Instructor(s) Days:Times Location Permission
Dist Qtr
2125 AHIS-102-01 Intro Hist Art West II 1.00 LEC Cadogan,Jean
Gordon,Alden R.
TR: 1:30PM-2:45PM TBA ART  
  Enrollment limited to 49
  A survey of the history of painting, sculpture, and architecture from the Renaissance to the present day.
2882 AHIS-103-01 Intro to Asian Art 1.00 LEC Hyland,Alice R. TR: 9:25AM-10:40AM TBA ART  
  Enrollment limited to 25
  An introductory survey of the art of India, China, and Japan with reference to the cultural and religious contexts that gave rise to the architecture, sculpture, and painting of each civilization. (May be counted towards International Studies/Asian Studies)
2883 AHIS-202-01 Closer Look at Art & Arch 0.50 LEC Cadogan,Jean
Gordon,Alden R.
F: 1:15PM-3:55PM TBA ART  
  Enrollment limited to 15
  Prerequisite: concurrent or previous enrollment in Art History 102
  In this course we will examine original works of art and discuss major art and architectural materials, techniques and artistic processes. We will focus on works of art from the collections of Trinity College and the Watkinson Library, and we will visit the Wadsworth Atheneum, the New Britain Museum of American Art, the Yale University Art Gallery and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The course offers one-half credit to be taken conjunction with Art History 102 for students who seek greater depth in the field of art history, for prospective majors, for majors in art history, and for students engaged in internships at art museums.
2884 AHIS-207-01 The Arts of China 1.00 LEC Hyland,Alice R. TR: 1:30PM-2:45PM TBA ART  
  Enrollment limited to 25
  This course will focus on the arts of China from the Neolithic period through the Qing Dynasty (ca. 6000 B.C.E.-1850 C.E.) We will study art produced for burial, Buddhist temples, the imperial court, and the scholar elite. We will consider architecture, sculpture, painting, bronze, jade lacquer, and ceramics, placing the art within its historical context and identifying what makes it uniquely Chinese. This 200-level lecture survey course will require a paper, a mid-term, and a final examination. (May be counted towards International Studies/Asian Studies)
3471 AHIS-247-01 Renaissance&Baroque Arch&Urban 1.00 LEC Triff,Kristin A. TR: 10:50AM-12:05PM TBA ART  
  Enrollment limited to 25
  This course explores major trends in Western architecture and urbanism from the emergence of Italian Renaissance architecture and planning to the extensive Baroque palaces at Versailles and elsewhere in absolutist Europe. Topics to be examined include the classical tradition, the influence of patronage, the rise of architecture as a profession, and the legacy of European theory and practice in North and South America during the colonial period. In addition to exploring the relationship between architectural and urban theory and form, this course will examine buildings and cities in the evolving social, political, and religious contexts of the period.
3657 AHIS-258-01 History of the Decorative Arts 1.00 LEC Gordon,Alden R. W: 1:15PM-3:55PM TBA  
  Enrollment limited to 14
  This course examines the history of interior architecture and the many types of moveable objects that filled these spaces for both ceremonial and daily use in urban European cultures. While there will be some consideration of the 19th-20th centuries, the main emphasis will be on the 17th and 18th centuries in France, Italy, Germay and Britain. The course will fall into three parts: the study of interior architecture and the uses of interior spaces in palaces and private residences; the history of styles; the history of indivudual crafts, materials, and makers. The course will consider textile and tapestry, furniture, ceramics, metalwork and sculpture, crystal and glass.
3472 AHIS-265-01 19th Cent Architecture 1.00 LEC Curran,Kathleen A. TR: 9:25AM-10:40AM TBA ART  
  Enrollment limited to 25
  Broad developments in Western European and American architecture and urbanism from the period 1750 to 1900. Specific developments include international Neoclassicism, the crisis of historicism and the search for style, the rise of new building types and technologies, and the emergence of the architectural profession and modern city planning.
3473 AHIS-283-01 Contemporary Art 1.00 LEC FitzGerald,Michael C. T: 6:30PM-9:00PM TBA ART  
  Enrollment limited to 25
  Following the Second World War, artists transformed the avant-garde tradition of their European predecessors to establish a dialogue with the mass media and consumer culture that has resulted in a wide array of artistic movements. Issues ranging from multiculturalism and gender to modernism and postmodernism will be addressed through the movements of abstract expressionism, pop, minimalism, neo-expressionism and appropriation in the diverse media of video, performance, and photography, as well as painting and sculpture. Current exhibitions and criticism are integral to the course. Art History 282 is recommended.
2256 AHIS-292-01 History of Photography 1.00 LEC FitzGerald,Michael C. W: 6:30PM-9:10PM TBA ART  
  Enrollment limited to 25
  Major developments in European and American photography from 1839 to the present.
1003 AHIS-301-01 Major Sem Art Hist Meth 1.00 SEM FitzGerald,Michael C. W: 1:15PM-3:55PM TBA WEB  
  Enrollment limited to 12
  Required of and limited to art history majors, as one of the first courses they take after declaring their major. Studies in the tradition and methodology of art historical research. Readings in classics of the literature of art history; discussions of major issues and meeting with scholars and museum professionals; students will pursue an active research project and present both oral reports and formal written research papers.
2887 AHIS-334-01 Patrons&Artists in Ital Rena 1.00 SEM Cadogan,Jean M: 6:30PM-9:10PM TBA  
  Enrollment limited to 15
  Readings and discussion will center on the collaboration between patrons and artists, focusing on the tangible and intangible goals and results for both parties. Case studies of civic, ecclesiastic and family commissions will be drawn from the period 1300-1500 in central Italy.
3474 AHIS-357-01 Hist of Decorative Arts Europe 1.00 SEM Cancelled  
  Enrollment limited to 10
  The evolution of domestic interior architecture in the early modern period along with the rise of importation of new raw and finished goods from Asia, Africa and the Americas led to a dramatic elaboration of the decorative or useful arts in secular society. There was a parallel decline in the variety and richness of ritual objects used for ecclesiastical and monarchical settings. This course would consider the changes in institutions, trade, social mores and architectural settings that informed the creation of objects for everyday use and would study the specific craft traditions for woodworking, ceramics, textiles, precious metals, glass and stonework as they applied to the making of furniture, tapestry, food service, objects for personal hygiene, transportation, garden ornament, decorative objects, scientific instruments, mirrors, lighting fixtures, heating, clothing and jewelry. The course would include required museum visits.
3475 AHIS-382-01 Hist. Art Museum, 1750-Present 1.00 SEM Curran,Kathleen A. M: 1:15PM-3:55PM TBA ART  
  Enrollment limited to 12
  This course will examine the art museum from the mid-eighteenth century to the present day. Focus will be on art museums in Europe and the United States. Topics will include the history of collecting, display methods, and the evolution of museum architecture. The course will involve field trips to local museums.
2287 AHIS-399-01 Independent Study 1.00 - 2.00 IND TBA TBA TBA Y  
  Enrollment limited to 15
  Submission of the special registration form, available in the Registrar's Office, and the approval of the instructor and program director are required for enrollment.
2336 AHIS-460-01 Tutorial 1.00 IND TBA TBA TBA Y  
  Enrollment limited to 15
  Individual research and reading under the guidance of a department member. Submission of the special registration form, available in the Registrar’s Office, and the approval of the instructor and chairperson are required for enrollment. (Hours by arrangement)
2122 AHIS-466-01 Teaching Assistant 0.50 - 1.00 IND TBA TBA TBA Y  
  Enrollment limited to 15
  NOTE: Requires completion of the Special Registration Form, available in the Office of the Registrar.
  Submission of the special registration form, available in the Registrar's Office, and the approval of the instructor and program director are required for enrollment.