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Course Schedule for FINE ARTS - Spring 2015
Course ID Title Credits Type Instructor(s) Days:Times Location Permission
Dist Qtr
1365 AHIS-101-01 Intro Hist of Art West I 1.00 LEC Curran,Kathleen A. TR: 2:55PM-4:10PM TBA ART  
  Enrollment limited to 25
  A survey of the history of art and architecture from the Paleolithic period to the Middle Ages, examining objects in their cultural, historical, and artistic contexts.
1844 AHIS-103-01 Intro to Asian Art 1.00 LEC Hyland,Alice R. M. TR: 9:25AM-10:40AM TBA ART  
  Enrollment limited to 25
  An introductory survey of the art of India, China, and Japan with reference to the cultural and religious contexts that gave rise to the architecture, sculpture, and painting of each civilization. (May be counted towards International Studies/Asian Studies)
1696 AHIS-105-01 History of World Cinema 1.00 LEC FitzGerald,Michael C. W: 6:30PM-9:10PM TBA ART  
  Enrollment limited to 25
  A survey of the art of the cinema examining different national schools with special attention to major commercial and avant-garde filmmakers such as Coppola, Hitchcock, Fellini, Bergman, Godard, Eisenstein, Welles, and Renoir. In order to address individual films in a broad cultural context, one film will be screened and analyzed each week. (Note: Replaces "Film as a Visual Art.")
1843 AHIS-208-01 The Arts of Japan 1.00 LEC Hyland,Alice R. M. TR: 1:30PM-2:45PM TBA ART  
  Enrollment limited to 25
  This course will focus on the arts of Japan from the Jomon period through the Edo period (circa 10,500 BCE - 1868 CE). Pre-Buddhist art will concentrate on pottery and bronze as well as Shinto architecture. Buddhist art will include architecture, sculpture, and painting. Secular art will explore the tradition of the narrative hand scroll as well as portraits and landscapes. Castle architecture and woodblock prints are other important topics. The art will be placed within its historical context, especially considering what makes it uniquely Japanese and whether or not it incorporates Chinese influence. (May be counted toward International Studies/Asian Studies)
1860 AHIS-246-01 Art in the Age of Absolutism 1.00 LEC Triff,Kristin A. MW: 2:40PM-3:55PM TBA ART  
  Enrollment limited to 25
  During the seventeenth century, Europe underwent a series of civil, religious, and economic upheavals which paradoxically resulted in a period of extraordinarily innovative art. This course begins with the rise of the Roman Baroque, from the disturbing realism of Caravaggio to the multi-media theatricality of Bernini, examining artistic patronage and production in the highly charged political, social, and cultural contexts of Europe during and after the Thirty Years' War. It continues with a study of the broad range of artistic response to these developments in both Southern and Northern Europe, from the elaborate state pageantry of Rubens to the intensely personal portraiture of Rembrandt. Other artists to be studied include Poussin, Le Brun, Zurbaran, Velazquez, Van Dyck, and Vermeer.
1697 AHIS-261-01 19th-Cent Painting & Sculpture 1.00 LEC Lewis,Mary TR: 10:50AM-12:05PM TBA ART  
  Enrollment limited to 25
  A study of European painting and sculpture from the Romanticism of the late 18th century to the emergence of new directions at the end of the 19th century. The course is adapted each year to take advantage of major exhibitions. Museum visits and extensive readings will be integral to the makeup of the course.
1413 AHIS-283-01 Contemporary Art 1.00 LEC FitzGerald,Michael C. T: 6:30PM-9:00PM TBA ART  
  Enrollment limited to 25
  Following the Second World War, artists transformed the avant-garde tradition of their European predecessors to establish a dialogue with the mass media and consumer culture that has resulted in a wide array of artistic movements. Issues ranging from multiculturalism and gender to modernism and postmodernism will be addressed through the movements of abstract expressionism, pop, minimalism, neo-expressionism and appropriation in the diverse media of video, performance, and photography, as well as painting and sculpture. Current exhibitions and criticism are integral to the course. Art History 282 is recommended.
1207 AHIS-286-01 Modrn Architectur:1900-Present 1.00 LEC Curran,Kathleen A. TR: 9:25AM-10:40AM TBA ART  
  Enrollment limited to 25
  This course surveys broad developments in Western European and American architecture and urbanism from 1900 to the present. Topics include Viennese Modernism, the legacy of the Arts and Crafts movement, the Bauhaus, the International Style and the birth of Modernism, and reactions of the past 25 years. Close attention will be paid to such major figures as Le Corbusier, Frank Lloyd Wright, Walter Gropius, Mies van der Rohe, Louis Kahn, Robert Venturi and Frank Gehry.
1212 AHIS-294-01 The Arts of Africa 1.00 LEC Gilbert,Michelle V. R: 6:30PM-9:30PM TBA GLB1  
  Enrollment limited to 25
  An examination of the art and architecture of sub-Saharan Africa as modes of symbolic communication: the ritual context of art, the concept of the artist, the notion of popular art, and the decorated body.
1153 AHIS-301-01 Major Sem Art Hist Meth 1.00 SEM Curran,Kathleen A. W: 1:15PM-3:55PM TBA WEB  
  Enrollment limited to 12
  Required of and limited to art history majors, as one of the first courses they take after declaring their major. Studies in the tradition and methodology of art historical research. Readings in classics of the literature of art history; discussions of major issues and meeting with scholars and museum professionals; students will pursue an active research project and present both oral reports and formal written research papers.
1698 AHIS-381-01 Seminar: Museum Issues 1.00 SEM Dangremond,David W. W: 1:15PM-3:55PM TBA Y ART  
  Enrollment limited to 15
  The art museum in the United States is a unique social institution because of its blend of public and private support and its intricate involvement with artists, art historians, collectors, the art market, and the government. This course will study the art museum's history and status in our society today. Special consideration will be given to financial, legal, and ethical issues that face art museums in our time. The emphasis will be on American institutions and particularly on the Wadsworth Atheneum. Short papers, oral reports, and visits with directors, curators, and other museum officials in nearby museums will be included along with a detailed study of a topic of one's choice.
2257 AHIS-384-01 Sem:Van Gogh,Gauguin&Symbolism 1.00 SEM Lewis,Mary TR: 1:30PM-2:45PM TBA ART  
  Enrollment limited to 12
  This seminar will study the two artists whose paintings, far removed from the constructs of impressionism and avant-garde Paris, would make them forefathers of much of French symbolist and later modernist art. While each offers a biography that in itself has become mythic, this course will focus on Van Gogh's and Gauguin's shared vision of the timeless, uncorrupted idyll, their efforts to establish an independent artists' colony far from the confines of Paris, and their parallel searches for expressive, decorative styles and remote utopian worlds that would both shape their art and reveal much about the society and art world they escaped.
1284 AHIS-399-01 Independent Study 1.00 - 2.00 IND TBA TBA TBA Y  
  Enrollment limited to 20
  Submission of the special registration form, available in the Registrar's Office, and the approval of the instructor and program director are required for enrollment.
1285 AHIS-466-01 Teaching Assistant 0.50 - 1.00 IND TBA TBA TBA Y  
  Enrollment limited to 20
  Submission of the special registration form, available in the Registrar's Office, and the approval of the instructor and program director are required for enrollment.
1286 AHIS-497-01 Senior Thesis 1.00 IND TBA TBA TBA Y  
  Enrollment limited to 20
  An individual tutorial to prepare an extended paper on a topic in art history. An oral presentation of a summary of the paper will be delivered in the spring term. Submission of the special registration form, available in the Registrar's Office, and the approval of the instructor and program director are required for enrollment in this single-semester thesis. (1 course credit to be completed in one semester.)