Faculty Accomplishments

Selected Anthropology Faculty Publications

Jane Nadel-Klein:

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“Cultivating taste and class in the garden” IN A Gronseth and D Davis, eds., Mutuality and Empathy: Self and Other in the Ethnographic Encounter. Oxon: Sean Kingston Publishing.  Accepted for publication.



Beth Notar:

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Beth Notar, as part of being invited to be a fellow for Virginia Tech's Center for Leadership in Global Sustainability (CLIGS) accompanied a group of Executive Master's students to Yunnan, China where she conducts research. She also gave a guest webinar on Yunnan to the American Institute of Architects (AIA) which is organizing a program in Yunnan this summer.

Beth Notar also received a Mellon grant for developing a new course "Mobility and Sustainability" as related to her current research on the rise of automobility in China. The grant will enable her to attend a faculty development workshop on sustainability in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Displacing Desire: Travel and Popular Culture in China.  Honolulu: University of Hawai'i Press, 2006.      (Reviewed in American Ethnologist, Asian Anthropology, Book News, Choice, China Journal, China Quarterly, Journal of Asian Studies, Pacific Affairs)

"Producing Cosmopolitanism at the Borderlands: Lonely Planeteers and 'Local' Cosmopolitians in Southwest China."  Anthropological Quarterly Vol. 81, no.3 (summer) 2008: 615-650.

"Dui Yunnam Dali Baizu de biaoshu (yu ziwo biaoshu) de zai sikao"  (Relfections on Representations and Self-Representations of the Bai minority of Dali, Yunnan).  Xinan minzu daxue xuebao (Journal of the Southwestern Nationalities University), forthcoming summer 2008.

James Trostle

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"Pathways to Promote and Guide the Use of Sexual and Reproductive Health Research."  IN Turning Research into Pratice (TRIP) Suggested Actions from Case-Studies of Sexual and Reproductive Health Research.  Geneva: World Health Organization, Department of Reproductive Health and Research.  Pp. 44-47.

"Mesa Redonda: Intersection entre las ciencias biomedicas y sociales."  IN Aportes a la Investigation Social en Salud Sexual y Reproductiva.  (Round Table Commentary: Intersection between Biomedical adn Social Sciences.  Workshop on Social Research in Sexual and Reproductive Health)  Buenos Aires: Centro de Estudios de Poblacion, CENEP-CEDES-AEPA-UNFPA.  Pp. 417-422. 

Shafqat Hussain:

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"Hunting and Colonial Identity: Collaboration and Subversion in the Northern Frontier Region of the British Empire." In Conversation and Society, Vol. 8 No. 2: 2010, 112-126.

"Forms of Predation: Tiger and Markhor Hunting in Colonial Governance." In Modern Asia Studies.  Forthcoming

"The Pelt Smuggler." In Voice of Snow Leopard. Donald Hunter (Ed.) University of Colorado Press; Boulder.  Forthcoming (Spring 2011)

"Multiple Sovereignty and Transnationalism in a Nation State: Aga Khan Developement Network in Hunza, Pakistan." In NGO's, Sovereignty and International Developement: Soft Forms of Governance. Boris Petric (Ed.) Under Review

"Religious Sovereignty and Transnationalism in a Nation-State: Postcolonial Identities in Northern Pakistan." In Tsantsa, No.14, 2009: 66-75.

"Small Players in the Great Game: Marginality and Representation on the Northern Frontiers of Nineteenth-Century Colonial India." In South Asia: Journal of South Asian Studies Vol XXIX, no.2, August 2006: 235-253.