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Fall on-campus talks by anthropologists

On archaeology: Monday October 5, 2015 at 5:00 p.m. in the McCook Auditorium entitled "Currents and Commodities: Winds, Tides, and the Colonization of Caribbean versus Pacific Islands" by Scott Fitzpatrick.

On The Costs of War, by Catherine Lutz: Monday, Oct. 5, noon to 1pm (Probably in Alumni Lounge but we will confirm this.) Catherine Lutz is the Thomas J. Watson, Jr. Family Professor of Anthropology and International Studies and holds a joint appointment in the Department of Anthropology. She received her BA in sociology and anthropology from Swarthmore College and her PhD in social anthropology from Harvard University.  Professor Lutz has authored The Bases of Empire:he Global Struggle against US Military Posts and co-authored Breaking Ranks: Iraq Veterans Speak Out Against the War. Lutz will also be speaking to Prof. Notar’s Mobilities class that day.

On “Is Pakistan’s Jihadi moment over?” Tuesday, October 22, a Common Hour talk in Mather Terrace A, B, C by Pakistani scholar and journalist, Raza Rumi. Raza is a former Pakistani civil servant, an international development expert, and a journalist. Raza has been long promoting a vision of a secular and democratic Pakistan, with friendly ties with neighboring India. He has openly questioned Pakistan’s state policy of using proxy war, through jihadi outfits, to attain geopolitical objectives. In 2013, Raza had to leave Pakistan after an attempt on his life by the Taliban which left his driver dead. Author of Delhi by Heart (2013, HarperCollins). Rumi will also be speaking to Prof. Hussain’s SoAsia course that day.

On megadevelopment, environment, and indigenous rights: Panel on the Nicaragua Canal Project, Thursday, October 22nd at Trinity College, beginning around 7:00 pm in Terrace Rooms A, B, and C.  Katherine Hoyt, currently co-director of Nicaraguan Network Education Fund in Washington an well-versed in Nicaraguan economic and political affairs, and Victor Campos who is UNDP Equator Prize Winner, Deputy Director of the Alexander von Humboldt Center in Nicaragua, and a civil engineer specializing in environmental issues. He has been interviewed widely on the environmental consequences of the canal project. Hoyt will also be speaking to Trostle’s Global Health course that day.

Jane Nadel-Klein, panel "The Politics of Gardens," Trinity Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies Panel, 12:15-1:15, February 26, Rittenburg Lounge, Mather

James Trostle, speaker, "Better than Well: the Problems of Performance Enhancing Drugs," 7pm, Feb. 26, The Mill

Shafqat Hussain, panel "Animals and Humans," Trinity Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies Panel, 12:15-1:15, April 2, 2013, Rittenburg Lounge, Mather