Minor Requirements

Women, Gender, and Sexuality

The program in women, gender, and sexuality takes gender and sexuality as its critical terms of inquiry, exploring them as social constructs and analyzing their impact on the traditional disciplines. The program draws on the liberal arts and sciences to examine a wide range of topics relating to gender and sexuality, including women's varied experiences in different historical periods and cultures, as well as their contributions to culture in all its forms; the relationship among sex, gender, and sexuality; lesbian, gay, and transgender subcultures, and their histories and politics; and the institutional and discursive regulation of gender and sexuality. Recognizing that gender and sexuality cut across most fields of knowledge and that race, class, and nation are crucial components of gender and sexual identities, the program has both an interdisciplinary and cross-cultural focus.

Course requirements:

The minor consists of six courses: two required core courses in women, gender, and sexuality; three other women, gender, and sexuality courses; and a senior seminar.

  • Core courses (required; recommended in sequence)
    • WMGS 101. Women, Gender, and Sexuality
    • WMGS 301. Western Feminist Thought or

    • WMGS 369. Queer Studies: Issues and Controversies
  • The electives—Students planning a minor in women, gender, and sexuality will, in consultation with an adviser, select three electives, including one from the arts and humanities and one from social science, from the following list of cross-listed women, gender, and sexuality courses. As a rule, this selection will be made in the sophomore year.
    • Arts and humanities
      • * CLCV 208. Men, Women in Society in Ancient Greece/Rome: Myth and Reality
      • * CLCV 224. Sex and Sexualities in Ancient Greece and Rome
      • * COLL 151. French Film Festival
      • * ENGL 324. The Resisting Reader
      • * ENGL 348. Women Writers of the Middle Ages
      • * ENGL 431. Writing Women of the Renaissance
      • * FREN 355-05. Representations of Youth and Childhood in Modern French Literature
      • * HISP 321. Gender, Ethnicity, and Geographies of Resistance in Andean Culture
      • * MUSC 150. Women in Music
      • * MUSC 224. Music of Black American Women
      • * WMGS 207. Homosexuality and Hollywood Film
      • * WMGS 212. The History of Sexuality
      • * WMGS 215. Drink and Disorder in America
      • * WMGS 322. American Literary Realism
      • WMGS 369. Queer Studies: Issues and Controversies
    • Social and natural sciences
      • ANTH 207. Anthropological Perspectives on Women and Gender
      • * INTS 218. Women, Gender, and Family in the Middle East
      • * INTS 249. Immigrants and Refugees: Strangers in a Strange Land
      • INTS 311. Global Feminism
      • POLS 326. Women and Politics
      • * PSYC 310. Psychology of Gender Differences
      • SOCL 207. The Family and Society
      • * SOCL 280. Women and Work
      • SOCL 331. Masculinity
      • * WMGS 234. Gender and Education
      • * WMGS 307. Women's Rights as Human Rights
      • * WMGS 378. Sexual Orientation and the Law
  • WMGS 401. The Senior Seminar