Major Requirements

Women, Gender, and Sexuality Program

The major in women, gender, and sexuality—Majors are required to complete, with grades of C- or better, 13 course credits in women, gender, and sexuality, which must include the following:

  • Four core courses

    • WMGS 101. Women, Gender, and Sexuality
    • WMGS 301. Western Feminist Thought
    • WMGS 369. Queer Studies: Issues and Controversies
    • WMGS 401. Senior Seminar, or a departmental senior seminar cross-listed with women, gender, and sexuality
  • Five courses in a concentration—By the spring of junior year, each student will design a concentration. These may be in a discipline or field (e.g., sociology, history, queer studies), on a theme (e.g., race and ethnicity), or on a problem (e.g., violence against women).
  • Four other courses in women, gender, and sexuality (one course credit of a 2-credit thesis may count toward the elective total).

In order to ensure rigor, breadth, and diversity, the concentration and elective courses must include the following:

  • Four courses at the upper level (300 and above; one of which must originate in the women, gender, and sexuality program).
  • Two courses from arts and humanities and two courses from social and natural sciences

  • Two courses from a list of transnational and multicultural courses, at least one of which must be a transnational course, chosen in consultation with the program director.
  • Up to two cognate courses and a one-credit internship may be counted toward the major.

Honors—The award of honors in women, gender, and sexuality will be based on a grade point average of 3.5 or better in the courses for the major and completion of a senior thesis with a grade of A- or better. Application to complete a senior thesis should be made to the director of women, gender, and sexuality the semester before the thesis is undertaken.