Course Descriptions

Course Catalog for STUDIO ARTS
STAR 113
An exploration of the fundamentals of visual language through digital and hands-on studio work. Projects emphasize process and include investigations of form, composition and sequence as vehicles of communication and expressions.
1.00 units, Studio
STAR 121
Drawing I
Study of line and mass as a means to articulate and explore formal and spatial concepts.
1.00 units, Studio
STAR 122
Painting I
Beginning study utilizing color, shape, and space in a variety of media.
Prerequisite: C- or better in Studio Arts 121.
1.00 units, Studio
STAR 124
Sculpture I
Basic problems in three-dimensional form in a variety of media.
1.00 units, Studio
STAR 125
Printmaking I
An examination of basic techniques of mechanical reproduction, with emphasis on the serial development of images and concepts.
1.00 units, Studio
STAR 126
Photography I
An introduction to the language of photographic image-making. Digital camera and printer will serve as the primary vehicle for learning to articulate a personal viewpoint on the world around us in visual terms. Students should have access to a digital SLR camera.
Prerequisite: C+ or better in Studio Arts 113 or Studio Arts121.
1.00 units, Studio
STAR 132
On Demand: Books for One, Books for All!
In this course we will look at the process by which ideas are communicated in printed books, and use what we learn to produce our own books through the processes of digital desktop publishing and print-on-demand services like Blurb. By studying a variety of printed books, from the earliest printed examples to contemporary artist’s books, we will devise strategies for telling our own stories. Students will learn about page composition and typography, and use those skills to design their own book, with their own personal content. Each student will produce at least one book. This course is open to students from any major who have already created source material upon which they can draw for the content of the book(s) they will make.--Segovia
1.00 units, Studio
STAR 221
Drawing II
A continuation of the basic drawing course. Students are encouraged to develop and sustain their own concepts.--Margalit
Prerequisite: C- or better in Studio Arts 121.
1.00 units, Studio
STAR 222
Painting II
Intermediate problems in color, shape, and space relationships in a variety of media.
Prerequisite: C- or better in Studio Arts 122.
1.00 units, Studio
STAR 224
Sculpture II
Intermediate study in three-dimensional form.
Prerequisite: C- or better in Studio Arts 124.
1.00 units, Studio
STAR 225
Printmaking II
Continued investigation of mechanical reproduction processes, with particular emphasis on intaglio and relief.
Prerequisite: C+ or better in Studio Arts 125.
1.00 units, Studio
STAR 226
Photography II
A continuation of Studio Arts 126.
Prerequisite: C+ or better in Studio Arts 126.
1.00 units, Studio
STAR 321
Advanced Concepts in Studio Art
In depth studio for student-proposed, semester-long projects. Can also count as third level drawing requirement.
Prerequisite: C- or better in Studio Arts 221.
1.00 units, Studio
STAR 322
Painting III
Studio in painting.
Prerequisite: C- or better in Studio Arts 222.
1.00 units, Studio
STAR 324
Sculpture III
Studio in sculpture.
Prerequisite: C- or better in Studio Arts 224.
1.00 units, Studio
STAR 325
Printmaking III
Studio in printmaking.
Prerequisite: C+ or better in Studio Arts 225.
1.00 units, Studio
STAR 326
Photography III
A continuation of Studio Arts 226.
Prerequisite: C+ or better in Studio Arts 226.
1.00 units, Studio
STAR 383
Seminar on Special Issues: Digital Documentary
As newspapers, magazines, and the book-publishing industry struggle for survival, the Internet has opened the door to a new and innovative method of story telling accessible to anyone with a computer; the multi-media slide show. In this course, each student will choose a documentary story about a social issue, a place, person, or subject of interest to them. Students will then learn the basics of digital photography, audio gathering (interviews, ambient sound, narration), sound editing, and visual storytelling to produce an audio slideshow on that topic. Together, the class will develop a Web site highlighting the projects.
1.00 units, Seminar
STAR 383
Special Issues: Digital Photography Beyond the Snapshot
This course is an introduction to digital photography as a means of expression. We will concentrate on using the photographic process to articulate our thoughts and ideas about the world around us. Initial assignments are designed to help you understand photographic technique especially as it pertains to the digital process. Subsequently, we will work on projects geared towards visual story telling and documentary work. Emphasis of this course is on formulating the image, but we will also touch on various options for producing digital prints.
1.00 units, Seminar
STAR 383
Special Issues: Video Studio
For artists, video serves as sketchbook and as diary, as sculpture and as cinema, as a tool for creation and as a tool for documentation. This digital studio course offers an introduction to video as a fine art medium. Students will learn about the history and theory of video art, and will produce solo and collaborative experiments that explore the technical and creative capabilities of video. Students do not need to own a camera or video editing equipment; camera access will be provided in class and shared editing stations are available at Trinity. Studio Art Majors may take this class for major credit as a substitute for Photography I, if they are not concentrating in Photography.
1.00 units, Seminar
STAR 399
Independent Study
Independent research and the execution of a project with the guidance of a faculty member, as per the College curriculum.
1.00 units min / 2.00 units max, Independent Study
STAR 466
Teaching Assistant
Submission of the special registration form, available in the Registrar’s Office, and the approval of the instructor and chairperson are required for enrollment.
0.50 units min / 1.00 units max, Independent Study
STAR 497
Thesis in Studio Arts
Independent studio work toward the completion of a sustained project in the student’s chosen area of concentration that is the basis for an exhibition in the Broad Street Gallery, and is accompanied by a 6-10 page paper outlining their process conceptually, technically, and formally placing their work within the context of both contemporary and historical art practice. This will involve regular individual meetings with the professor of this course, as well as several group critiques, workshop, and discussions.
1.00 units, Studio