Open DetailsKrishna festival
Close DetailsRadha, Krishna, and Gopis on a Rasa-Lila float.
Open DetailsMonks during debate practice
Close DetailsSera monastery, Lhasa, Tibet.
Open DetailsFirst communion blessing
Close DetailsIndia
Open DetailsDressed fit for the gods
Close DetailsIndigenous ritual, Samba School, Sao Lucas, Brazil.
Open DetailsMorning Torah Reading
Close DetailsElders with the holy scripture.
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Has agreed to publish a 10-volume series on the Future of Religion in America (FORA) edited by two members of the Religion Department, Professor Mark Silk and Visiting Assistant Professor Andrew Walsh who are the director and associate director, respectively, of the Leonard Greenberg Center for the Study of Religion and Public Life at Trinity. The FORA project will consist of 10 scholarly volumes plus a final summary volume. In addition to the original four books, the others will focus on Judaism, people who don’t identify with a religion (“Nones”), Mormons, Muslims, Asian religions in the United States, and Metaphysical religion.