Minor Requirements


The religion minor—Students interested in minoring in religion should consult the department chair. Ordinarily a minor in religion consists of six courses, with two courses in a primary religious tradition, one course in a secondary religious tradition, and three electives. All students completing a minor in religion will write an eight-to-twelve page integrating paper either after they have completed their fifth or sixth course in the minor or no later than the tenth week of the last semester of their senior year. Or, as an alternative, they may, with the approval of the instructor and the minor adviser, write the integrating paper as part of the requirements for the fifth or sixth course.

To begin the process of minoring in religion, each minor will inform the chair of the department that he or she is declaring a minor in religion and will then be assigned an appropriate department adviser who will determine how the student will meet the integrating paper requirement. The adviser or the instructor of the course in which the integrating paper is written will report to the chair of the department when that paper has been completed and deemed acceptable. Completing an acceptable integrating paper is a precondition for receiving a designation on one's transcript that one has successfully fulfilled all the requirements for a minor in the study of religion. All courses counted toward the minor must be taken for a letter grade. Students should declare their minor by the beginning of their senior year. Minor declaration forms can be obtained at the Registrar's Office.