Why Study Psychology?

For insight. Understanding. A clearer vision of who we are and why we do what we do. In pursuing this science of the mind, psychology, we discover how to decipher the world around us and, of course, our world within. In doing so, we gain a completely different idea of the things we know best, until every subject we study acquires a new dimension - as do we.

Why Study Psychology at Trinity?

Because Trinity College's Psychology Department is large enough to offer its students a wide range of courses - from neuroscience to clinical psychology - yet small enough to allow undergraduates to pursue their own research interests. The department's outstanding faculty members take full advantage of Trinity's location in a capital city by encouraging internships in the many businesses, health care institutions, or government agencies to which greater Hartford is home.

It is just such experience - in combination with a strong liberal arts education - that prepares Trinity psychology majors for a variety of future paths, from counseling youths, teaching psychology at the college level, managing a research project on early childhood, to directing the patient relations department of a major teaching hospital.

Each year the department offers more than 40 different courses from Cognitive Psychology, Child Development and to Development and Culture, The Ecological Approach to Psychology and Psychology of Language. Complementing such diversity is a coherent structure of core courses, advanced courses, and specialized courses. Core and advanced courses convey not only basic theory but methods of investigation. Advanced courses provide opportunities for deeper discussion and analysis of theoretical and research issues in the field. At each level students gain critical experience in research techniques and laboratory procedures.

Trinity's Psychology Department emphasizes interdisciplinary study and collaborates with other departments, including engineering, biology, philosophy, and educational studies, to provide psychology majors with a larger context.


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