Public Policy and Law

The public policy and law major is an interdisciplinary program in which students learn and practice methods and modes of thinking required to understand and become actively engaged in the analysis of legal and public policy issues. Grounded in the liberal arts, the program provides students with the tools of analysis in social science, law, and the humanities needed to understand the substance of public policy concerns. Trinity College is a particularly appropriate place to study public policy and law because students have ready access to state, regional and local governments, as well as to lobbyists and numerous non-profit and advocacy organizations involved in the making of law and policy.
Where Our Majors Are Now
Mr. Christopher D. Comer
Class of 1998
Sr. Advertising Investment Mgr.
Microsoft Corporation

Mr. Herman Brito Jr.
Class of 2012
TRAC Associate

Mr. Colin S. Levy
Class of 2006
Contract Analyst
Legal ON Ramp

Ms. Amy Imbergamo
Class of 2013
US District Attorney's Office

Alumna Profile: Whitney Merrill ’09
Public Policy & Law Student Profiles Alumna Who Successfully Argued Case before Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals
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