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Especially for Students

The Society of Physics Students
Physical Review Focus provides explanations of selected physics papers. These short, readable stories allow undergrads and PhD's to follow cutting edge research as it's published in the Physical Review Journals.
PhysicsCentral provides a resource for students, offering in-depth stories on selected topics, profiles of noteworthy physicists, exciting visuals, educational material, and links to other sites.

Web Sites of Particular Interest

Physics Today's Web Watch
Web sites of interest to physicists
The International Pilot to Physics. Featuring a Physics Calendar, used equipment marketplace, index to on-line physics resources, jobs forum, international links, and more!
Why does toast always land butter-side down?
Discover one of the most celebrated and revered scientists of modern times
An interactive question and answer page maintained by L.A. Bloomfield, author of How Things Work: The Physics of Everyday Life
More questions & answers - plus links from Scientific American
Wrong explanations you may have been taught in school


Constants, units, spectroscopic data, condensed matter data, and more. From the Physics Laboratory at NIST.
Periodic table of the elements
The Laws List
Alphabetical list of physics definitions, equations, and principles - by E.M. Francis
Encyclopedia of physics definitions, equations, and derivations.
compiled by J. Reinhardt

Physics Education

International Commission on Physics Education