Faculty and Staff

Barbara Walden, Chair
Associate Professor of Physics
McCook 214, (860)297-5324
Email: Barbara Walden
  Administrative Assistant(s)
Elizabeth R. Landell-Simon
Administrative Assistant, Physics, Environmental Science and Public Policy and Law
McCook, (860)297-2107
Email: Elizabeth R. Landell-Simon
Brett Barwick
Assistant Professor of Physics
McCook Academic Building 215, (860)297-5103
Email: Brett Barwick
David Branning
Associate Professor of Physics
McCook 111, (860)297-4048
Email: David Branning
Christoph Geiss
Associate Professor of Physics and Environmental Science
McCook 105, (860)297-4191
Email: Christoph Geiss
Kalum Palandage
Laboratory Lecturer in Physics
McCook Academic Building 224A, (860)297-4197
Email: Kalum Palandage
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Mark P Silverman
Jarvis Professor of Physics
McCook 216, (860)297-2298
Email: Mark P Silverman
  Staff Support
Wayne P Strange
Laboratory Coordinator, Physics
McCook 224, (860)297-2359
Email: Wayne P Strange