Senior Honors Thesis Projects

Ariana A. Adamski ‘17, Effects of the ketogenic diet on the estrous cycle and glucose regulation in female rodents 
Zachary C. Bitan ‘17, Establishing a reference database for collegiate athletes using the elite balance protocol
Sarah N. Bunker  ‘17, Maternal estrogen exposure may be linked to an increased risk of autism spectrum disorder 

Catherine L. Cebulla  ’17, Immune cytokines alter expression of a regulator of GABAergic interneuron development: relevance to schizophrenia and autism spectrum disorders 
Olivia A. DeJoie ’17, Prevalence of traumatic brain injury in adult female victims of domestic violence 
Sasha R. DiNitto ’17, Determining brain areas activated by images of dogs, mammals, and children using HCP fMRI data 
Elizabeth M. Foley ’17,  Persistent effects of the ketogenic diet on the core symptoms of autism in BTBR mice

Thomas J. Hum-Hyder  ’17, Cross-sectional analysis of cortical thickness across the lifespan (22-92)-Human Connectome Project and the Mayo Clinic study of aging 

Tommaso Meregalli ’17, Effects of soil copper contamination on earthworm cholinergic transmission, locomotion and muscle physiology 
Taylor M. Sorensen ’17, The role of empathy, clinical traits, and eye gaze in contagious yawning and itching 
Jessica A. Stowell ’17,  Neural responses to food cues and food receipt in pre and postoperative bariatric surgery patients 

Nathaniel D. Thiemann ’17, Using computational tools to design a molecularly imprinted polymer with selectivity and high affinity for acetylcholine  
Hillary A. Vossler ‘17, Rehabilitation of executive functioning in patients with mild cognitive impairment with goal management training
Jasmin E. Williams T’17, The use of fMRI as a measure of efficacy of cognitive rehabilitation in individuals with acquired brain injury 
Emily Aiken, '16, Master's Thesis, The Effects of Individualized Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapy for Improving Prospective Memory in Acquired Brain Injury

Tess Bloomquist, '16, Psysiological and Clinical Measures of PM over the Course of Time and Treatment

Geoffrey Bocobo, '16, In Utero Estrogen Exposure & Increased Risk of Autism Spectrum Disorder:  The potential epigenetic links between maternal hormone profile, maternal health exposure, and the elevated risk of giving birth to an autistic child

Julia Duggan, '16, The Ketogenic Diet and Epilepsy:  A Metabolic Analysis

Francesca Marino, '16, Feeling And Speaking:  The Role Of Sensory Feedback In Speech

Jacob Rubin, '16, Master's Thesis, The Long-Term Ketogenic Diet Impacts Motor and Brain Purine Systems in a New Genetic Rodent Model of Parkinson's Disease

Livia Wyss, '16, The effects of the Ketogenic Diet on Inflammatory Pain

Emily Aiken, ’15, Individualized Cognitive Rehabilitation for Adults with Acquired Brain Injury (ABI)

Alexis Benedetto, ’15, The Relationship between Prospective Memory and Executive Functions in Survivors of Acquired Brain Injury

Subrina Bisnauth, ’15, Effects of Ketogenic Diets on Autistic Symptoms of Female El Mice

Nicole Evancha, ’15, The Effect of Viewing Wildlife Images on the Sympathetic Adrenomedullary System Stress Response in Military Veterans with Varying Levels of PTSD

Consuelo Pedro, ’15, Relationship Between Electrophysiological and Behavioral Measures of Prospective Memory in Individuals with Mild and Severe Acquired Brain Injury

William Schreiber-Stainthorp, ’15, mTOR Signaling and Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress in Mixed Glial Cultures

Sierra Slade, ’15, Effect of the Ketogenic Diet on Behavioral Symptoms of Autism in the Poly(IC) Mouse Model

Jessica Fortin, ’14, Sex-Dependent Effects of the Ketogenic Diet in the El Mouse Model of Autism and Epliepsy

Sarah Isaac, ’14, Objective Classifications of the Drinking Behavior of College Aged Students

Michelle Murphy, ’14 Analyzing the Poly-(I:C) Mouse Model of Autism

Lisa Saa, ’14, The Effects of Even-And Odd-Numbered Medium Chain Triglyceride Ketogenic Diets on Autistic Behaviors in a Mouse Mode

Ryan Adams, ’13, Determination of Catecholamine Content Changes in Mouse Brain Following Chronic Ketogenic Diet

Joshua Altschuler, ’13, The Effects of a 3:1 Ketogenic Diet on the BTBR Mouse Model of Autism

Ela Cross, ’13, Reconstruction Of Musical Stimuli From Brain Activation Patterns In FMRI

Jackie Gottshall, ’13, Regionally Distinct Cell Cycling Behavior Underlies Foliation Patterning Of The Mouse Cerebellum: Insight From The Engrailed Mutant

Alexandra Nicaise, ’13, The Investigation Of Glial-Deprived Factors Affecting Neuroblastoma Cell Death

Renuka Shukla, ’13, The Effect of Stimulant Medication On EEG Recordings Of College Students With ADHD

Marta Zamroziewicz, ’13, Effects Of Drinking Patterns On Prospective Memory Performance In College Students

Jared Zimmerman, ’13, Comparison Of  FMRI Resting-State Data Of American And Chinese Adolescents